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How to become a master


How to become a master

-the path of the poet-


   What is a master?A man to worship?A wiseman?Somebody who can give you advices,somebody you need in your evolution.Somebody superior,with lots of skills.
   If you search the dictionary,you’ll find other meanings of the word:
 Use Master in a sentence
mas·ter  [mas-ter, mah-ster]  Show IPA
a person with the ability or power to use, control, or dispose of something: a master of six languages; to be master of one's fate.
an owner of a slave, animal, etc.
an employer of workers or servants.
the male head of a household.
a person eminently skilled in something, as an occupation, art, or science: the great masters of the Impressionist period.
a person whose teachings others accept or follow: a Zen master.
Chiefly British . a male teacher or schoolmaster.
a worker qualified to teach apprentices and to carry on a trade independently.
a title given to a bridge or chess player who has won or placed in a certain number of officially recognized tournaments.
a person holding this title.
a person who commands a merchant ship; captain.
a victor or conqueror.
a presiding officer.
an officer of the court to whom some or all of the issues in a case may be referred for the purpose of taking testimony and making a report to the court.
the Master, Jesus Christ.
a person who has been awarded a master's degree.
a boy or young man (used chiefly as a term of address).
Also called matrix. an original document, drawing, manuscript, etc., from which copies are made.
a device for controlling another device operating in a similar way. Compare slave (  def 5 ) .
matrix (  def 13 ) .
a tape or disk from which duplicates may be made.
Also called copy negative. Photography . a film, usually a negative, used primarily for making large quantities of prints.
master of foxhounds.
Archaic. a work of art produced by a master.

   I like 6 and 15.This two numbers are closer to what we are looking for.So we can speak of a Zen master.And we can speak of Jesus Christ.
   Let’s take Jesus first.If we take the Bible,he was a very special master.None in the history of Earth made what Jesus did.Who else resurected the dead?Not to mention the other miracles he made.In comparition with Jesus,a Zen master is a simple man.The only difference between him and a normal person is that he is enlightened.
   What is enlightement or illumination?We go to the dictionary again:
 Use Enlightenment in a sentence
en·light·en·ment  [en-lahyt-n-muhnt]  Show IPA
the act of enlightening.
the state of being enlightened: to live in spiritual enlightenment.
( usually initial capital letter ) Buddhism, Hinduism. prajna.
the Enlightenment, a philosophical movement of the 18th century, characterized by belief in the power of human reason and by innovations in political, religious, and educational doctrine.

   So very vague.You can’t know a thing about enlightenment from dictionary.So this means you need to be one to know.And this is what I hope for all of you,that reading this you will get closer to enlightenment.

Chapter 1
Story of my life

   So I will let you know a few things about me.My birth name is Claudiu Lucian Ardelean.Friends call me Clau.I was born in Romania,in a small city near the North border called Sighetu Marmatiei.If somebody heard of Dacians,I am one of them.They lived in Romania before Roman Empire conquered us and our country changed from Dacia to Romania.I will not get into more details.Only one thing I want to mention.The city I was born is a part of a fraction of teritory,left by the Romans unconquered,teritory were continued to live Free Dacians.So I was born on a freedom teritory.So far so good.The things I’ve mentioned are important because I always liked to be free,to do what I want.And I still do that.
   Till highschool wasn’t much I could do.I went with the system.I was a good pupil.I had always high grades.My teachers were always very proud of me.I was special.One of the best.
   But in highschool something changed dramatically.I couldn’t learn anymore.My memory,my attention and my concentration went very low.And so,from a very good student i’ve became a mediocre one.It’s something even now i can’t explain entirely.Maybe had to do with the fact that my parents got back together and I hated my father.Anyway let’s keep going.So I was in highschool,coudn’t learn anymore and I had to manage.I’ve started to cheat,to copy at extemporals,me who didn’t have the guts before.Didn’t have the courage even then but I was forced to do that to pass.Not to mention that I was Mr Correct and Fair in every way.So please picture myself cheating at extemporals with fear in my back.Once I got caught at Geography.I got 1.The grades were from 1 to 10 then.You needed 5 to pass.
   And I’ve passed.I’ve passed every exam.I’ve finished highschool with a general mark of 7.35.Higher mark I’ve scored was at Phylosophy,nine.Eight at English,seven at Math.Seven at Romanian oral and 5.50 at Romanian on paper.Here at Romanian I was helped.Because at the oral exam I’ve said only one phrase or two and I’ve got 7.Somebody put a good word for me.Anyway I’ve got some sort of degree in Informatics,speciality programmer.This I’ve got it with 9.33.So I was good with the computers and still am.
   So in highscool the class I liked most was Informatics.This was very important for me because by knowing how to program I’ve set myself free.I’ve managed to understand how human mind works.
   So we’ve set up a few poiters.By now you have a picture of me.Let’s continue.
   So in highschool I was forced to cheat.And guess what I did after highscool.I continued cheating.I have cheated the system.I told my mother that I am too exhausted to continue to learn for colege.I said that I will go the next year.And I never went.Do you think I got a job and build a life?No.I’ve stood with my parents and I still do that.How old I am.35.Almost 36."Wow!” you’ll say."This guy is something.Better be what he pretends to be,a master,or...”Or what?Do you think that people should have a life?I mean what people use to do,go to coledge,get a job,get married,have a home,kids and so one.Do you think that this is called life?I tell you it’s not.To have a life is to be happy,not to do what everybody does.Because it is posible that on this planet to exist seven billion,I repeat,7 billion people,who does everything wrong.I mean everything.Everything.
“How is that?”you’ll say again.Simple.You are not the one that decides what to do.From the moment you wake up from the bed till you go back to sleep,you are not the one who decides what you are doing.”But who is?”Tricky question.We will have to explain one concept.A concept that come from Asia,from Buddhism expecially.The term in case is EGO.”Oh,I see...”
What is ego?Ego is a fake identity.It’s like having a passport that is not yours,it’s somebody else’s.It has a name and information on it but it’s not you.The picture on it is different than yours.”Omg!”Yes.So seven billion people have fake identities.How?Simple.They were told so.If you ask me what’s my identity I will say to you:
   I’m a Solarian.I lived on Sun before I camed here.I’m a new Solarian called Endasai,recently transfered from a star closer to the center of our Galaxy.I’ve seen an oportunity to learn about planet Earth,also wanted to help in Her transformation and ascension to the 5th dimention,and i’ve taken it.What my parents don’t know is that I’m not their son.Their son died when he was one year old.He took a surgery at his right foot because he had a malformation at birth,and they,my parents,and their parents couldn’t stand what will other people say that they have a gimpy child.So at one year after they tortured a few months the child with gypsum they decided to take him to surgery.So.The child died,because the anesthesy wasn’t good.He died from very serious pain and I’ve made the switch.His soul went away and I’ve replaced him.And yes I’ve taken all his karma and all the trauma he had in this life.So this is me,a fighter.Never afraid of what’s too hard.
   Ok and here I was in this body of a complete stranger.I’ve forgot who I was before.So I’ve become a person like everybody else with the disadvantage that my past lifes were not my own.I had somehow to guess what I’ve done,I mean the other did.At the age of 30 I could make my first regressions into the past thanks to one spiritual teacher I had,and after that everything was a little easier.
   This guy had an awful karma.If I tell you what he was in his previos life you wouldn’t believe it.He was a nazi.Yes.Colonel in the German army.World war 2.”Omg!”Yes,you can say it.So a karma of killing thousands of jews doesn’t sound too good.I’ve paid for everything he did.And it wasn’t easy.I’ve gave up so many times.I had always the impression that is not fair,that I don’t deserve what is happening.Worst thing that happened was that I got depression and I got addicted to computer games.And this is how I’ve spent more that 10 years of my life.Misery and suffering.
But I’ve passed that too thanks to my best friend Angela,who is also called Little Angel.So she was my teacher,my therapeut,my friend,my lover and my wife.For 4 years.And by the way she is older than me.Now she has 60.”Wow!Isn’t that too old?”If I would tell you that my real age is 7 billion years,and this is not so much because my older brother that we’ve mention on the introduction of this book,and his name is,really,Jesus Christ,he has other names like Lord Sananda and so,he has 12 billion years.So how much is 60?She is very pretty.You should see her.She’s like a little girl.This is what I’ve liked most about her.Her Innocence.
   Ok.Where were we?Ah.About the guys karma.So Angela helped me alot.She is a person with a lot of degrees in spirituality like chi kung or radiesthesy.
   I was a very lonely person.I was always afraid of people.Angela was very open and has very good comunication skills.So it was the perfect match.After 4 years of therapy I was ok.What do I mean by therapy?Simply telling my problems like you do with a shrink.
   How I’ve became interested in spirituality?This goes some years back.I wanted to solve my problems.I was always unhappy.Doctors couldn’t help.I went to them a lot but never had a real diagnostic so nothing worked.So I was desperate.I wanted somehow to manage into this world.Nothing seamed to be right.I didn’t understand why.Till later ofcourse.Actually till now.What do you think I mean for now?I mean this moment.The present.What Eckhart Tolle spoked about.
   But let’s get back a little bit to may youth.I was very stubborn.Now I don’t know how I am anymore.My astrological sign is Capricorn with ascendent in Capricorn.So I’m a very perseverent guy.Yes.Halleluyah to that.
   So how does depression treat this days?With a lot of pills.So many pills till at one time you lose your mind and you are permanently broke,good to be thrown away to the garbage can.I know one person who is almost like this,the girlfriend I had before Angela.If I were to describe her I’d say she is like my twin sister because she had a similar fate.She was very depressed.But had paranoia too.This was the reason I broke up with her.
   So how does depression treat?I tell you.You stay around a person who is always happy,always smiling,always positive.And this person was Angela,my savior from heavens.
   Good.So we’ve made again a few pointers.Important ones.

Chapter two
Let’s begin

   So far so good.We are at the beginning of a big journey.And we are together.You and me.At the end of this road,if you follow my lead,and do what you are told to do,you become a master,master of yourself,master of your mind and body,master of your destiny.
   So let’s begin.First question:
Are you happy?Are you happy with the life you have?And don’t give me bullshit answers because the only one you cheat is you.So,are you happy?If you are not then tell me what’s your dream,what’s your fantasy,what’s the thing you always wanted to do but couldn’t.And then do that thing.Yes.Do it.Even if it means you have to ruin your life.
   If you don’t have a dream then this means you have depression.You are in a deep down hole and you don’t know how to escape.Or you don’t want to escape.You like it.In this case stay there as long as you like.Not too long.If you stay too long then it maybe mean you don’t want to be a master of positive things.You want to be a bad guy,wich is ok too.A lot of suffering but with a lot of training you can pass that and be a master of EGO,deceiving,lying,DESTRUCTION and so on.The dark side of the Force.I have two or three friends who chose this path and I’m happy for them.
   But if you want to be optimistic,positive,nice,kind,selfless,loving and so this book is for you.I’m a nice person by the way.Very charming.Very positive.Neo style.Yes.
   Good.So you have a dream.How do you make it real?Do you know anything about intuition?Do you have any idea what it is?I for one have a lot of intuition.Can you have less?Can you have no intuition at all?Actually everybody has intuition but it is supressed by thoughts.So is like this.
The Universe gives you all on a plate,all the information you need,but you choose to live with the
information from your lunchbox.Lol.Why is that?Because somebody told you that your lunchbox if everything you need.Lol again.”Who is that person?”you’ll ask.That person is yourself.But not your real self,the one conected with the entire Universe.That person is a fraction of you who has to do only with this life experience,this incarnation.It’s like this.You were born there,your name is there,you went to school there,you live on the street there,you married her name there and so on.If you see the pattern of this you will figure out that all this is just a collection of informations,nothing more.But these informations are any good to you?Do they make you happy?Do they have any good use into your life?”Hell yes!”,you’ll say."I can’t live without them.I don’t even exist on this planet if I don’t have them.”Do you?If now were to loose all your memory,how do you think you would feel?Hmm?”Awful.I will be lost.”Really?Don’t say.What if being lost is good?Is not good if you don’t have a compass to point you in the right direction.But if you have then you have a juorney ahead,an adventure.What do you say?
   I am lost by the way.No place to go.No destination.No goal.No big achievement.”But what about the dream?”Ah,the dream.What’s a dream?What’s a wish?A wish you have for Christmas does it count.Off course it counts.Children have a lot of wishes.Do they all come true?Some of them.Maybe the little ones.Everybody wants to be a star,to have lots of money and popularity.But do this kind of things make you happy?In this society the big goal is to have tons of money so that you could buy your happyness.Question.Can you buy happyness?I say no.Why?Because I know what happyness is.I’ve learned it.I’ve earned it.How?Through experiences from my life.So even if I have no money,no job,no private home,no wife and kids,I’m happy.How is this possible?Because everybody dreams to have all that things so that could be fullfield,so that could feel happyness.Wich in the majority of cases doesn’t happen.It’s rare the case of happy family.
   So let’s get back to happyness.What if I told you that in this moment you can be happy.And not doing much.Yes.Right now.You could feel the bliss,the joy of being,of living.Hmm?What do you say?We can try,right?What I would say to you that love is in the air.Let’s repeat that:


   You’ll say I’m nutts.What’s the title of a song has to do with everything.Yes it’s a nice song but still.You listen to it and boom you are happy?
   This was your mind speaking wich doesn’t know much.Because it was trained this way.So.When I was in highschool I used to listen to heavy metal music.And it was there a band called Death who had an album called “Individual Thought Patterns”.I didn’t understand much of their lyrics by then,I liked the sound of the instruments,the rhythms,the solos.But now I understand.Now I understand what they’ve ment by individual thought patterns.
   So if you have individual thought patterns,you don’t function as a collective mind,you have your own thoughts,ideas,if you have that,then if you go back to “love is in the air”you would say:”Wow!Really?I didn’t know.”So love is really in the air.Love is the air we breathe.And love makes us happy.Who doesn’t want love?So breathe.Breathe love.”So this is it?The big secret?I’m out of here.You’re nuts.This are a bunch of baloneys.Get out of here.”
   And I repeat.Love is in the air we breathe.But,if we want to feel love,to be happy,we need first to learn how to breathe,because we don’t.We don’t.And this is probably the biggest problem of mankind.
   “But we breathe,right?”
   I would say briefly,bearly,supperficially.
   And now I would say to you why is so important to breathe,to breathe corectly.It is important because breathing is your main source of energy.People forgot how to breathe at one time and in their desperate way to survive they’ve turned to food,wich is another source of energy,not so efficient but it does the job.People live longer if they eat.Lol.What is food?Condensed energy.Second hand energy.Best source of energy is the Sun.Second best source of energy is the Earth,Mother nature precisely.Why do people take sunbaths?To charge their batteries?Why do people go camping in nature?For same reason.For me when I was exausted,best way to redeem myself was to go and sleep on the grass by a tree.Have you ever hug a tree?If you didn’t you should try it.
It’s heavenly.So having energy is heavenly.Having energy means happyness.Did you know that?We get ungry,upset when our battery is discharged and we need desperatly to fill it up.And our big problem is that in our desperation we steal from others instead of just breathing.That’s why when we are almost to pass out people tell us to breathe,to breathe deeply and profoundly.
   So here is your first exercise.Every morning,before going to work,find five minutes,go in front of a mirror and inhale 5,rest 2,exhale 5,rest 2.Simple as that for the start.You could do this everytime you feel weaken.The important thing when doing this is to be present,to be conscious.
If you are not,you are just an artifficial machine of pumping air in and out.See the sensations in your body,feel the warmth in your guts,and in your chest,this if you are doing it the right way.And the counting is optional.Better breathe freely.Let yourself go.Leave behind any thoughts like:”I’m getting late.I have to get the kids to school.What will I wear today...”It’s just you and the breathing because in time you will see that is no difference.You and the breathing are one.
   Good.So we have an exercise.I still didn’t tell you all about the importance of breathing.If you don’t breathe for like 5 minutes you are dead.I’ve seen a guy who broke the record.He stood underwater for 22 minutes.But even 22 minutes is few.Think about it.In 22 minutes you are dead if you don’t breathe.So this proves that breathing is your most important source of energy.Second one is water.You are dead in a week if you don’t drink liquids.And the third one is food.You can survive around a month,maybe more if you don’t eat.
   So breathing is important.Let’s get into more detail.To see if we can get to the core of it.Air has prana.Prana is formed by tiny particles of energy.But what is energy?Energy is the rarefied form of matter.Energy is the clay from what is build everything,and by everything I mean all the dimensions that exist,not only the visible Universe.So energy is bricks,material for construction.Construction of what?In our case,our body.Yes.You have energy,you have a healthy body because it has the resources to regenerate."Why regenerate?”will sound a question.”Who is destroying it?”You.How?Destructive,limitative,dual thoughts.”What?”Yes.You destroy yourself with your own thinking.How?For instance for simply beliving that you are getting old and you will gonna die.”So I’m not going to die?”The good news is that you won’t.”What?This guy is insane.All people die.”Not all the people.There are people on this planet who have an age of thousands of years.How they do that?They don’t believe in death.Death is a very demoralising concept.The majority of people of this Earth believe that after death there is nothing.You simply vanish,you sieze to exist.What do you belive?Is there something after.Because if you belive there is,you live longer,lol.Ok,let’s get back to energy.Because human being die from lack of energy.It simply runs out.An electronic device with an empty battery doesn’t function,is dead.But how does people run out of energy?Put that question to yourself.What do I do that I get tired and then I need rest or sleep.Do you know how much sleep I got last night?3 hours and a half.And I got to sleep at 2:00.And I feel good.I’m not tired.How?I know how to breathe.If you know how to breathe corectly you don’t need sleep at all.Only to exit your body from time to time and go to other places,other dimensions and do other things your interdimentional soul needs to do,hard to explain for an earthly mind,trapped in society,lol.
   Good.So if you breathe corectly you don’t need rest,you don’t need sleep and you are healthy.Ok.How to breathe corectly?Now I’ve got you.Now I will see you.First we need some concepts.
For those who don’t know what a chackra is I will do some explanations.A chackra is a vortex of energy.It needs to spin.The faster the spin,the more energy it gets.Got it?So,in the Indian system we have 7 important chackras,displayed along the spinal cord.I will not enter into details of what every chackra does.Mainly if you have a good chackra,the internal organs coresponding with it are healty.Google.See about chackras.I want to tell only about the central Chackra,the heart one called Annahatha,because she is the star,the main attraction.If this chackra function properly,mainly,all the others will function well.If you have a good heart you’ll live long and happy.This Annahatha is responsible for love.And love...Should I tell you what love is?First of all did you know that love is actually a flow of energy?The stronger it is,the better you feel.After a good meal you always feel better because you have energy.You are happy.See how all these words come together?Energy,happyness,love.They are all and the same thing.Should I say one more thing that goes with those?God.”Oh my God!”Yeees.God.God is energy.Intelligent energy.And flows aroud everywhere.And take form and make things.See how easy it is?And you thought God is complicated.But what about that God from church who everybody make so much fuss about it?Forget about that.You don’t need it.You want somebody to tell you how to live your life?To tell you what you are allowed to do and what you are not?To judge you and punish you?You definetly can live without it.Atheists live as much as christians.Maybe longer lol.
   So we have energy through breathing.”This means I am not going to die anymore?”You belive that?Because I know cases on this Earth of persons who lived without food and still died like everybody else because they thinked that this is the way of things.Everything dies on this planet,plants,animals.But what if human beings are different?What if they can live longer,or they can live undefinitely?
   Before you can belive something you need to understand the process.This is my motto in life.So I like to understand things.I told you about individual thinking,or having individual thought patterns.So this is it.When you really understand something,I mean you’ve got it on your own,not that somebody told you and you believed him,means you are out of the box.You are free.You are a free mind ready to explore the Infinte.”Wow!”You can say that again.
   So don’t believe.I know it is hard because you’ve been trained by the system to believe everything you are told to.You have to believe your parents by word,and that they are always right.But what if they don’t?Hmm?So you need to question.You need to question everything.
  For instance,is smoking good?I was totally against it till the age of like 28 or so.And then I’ve started to smoke.I still do.And I liked it.A few minutes ago I’ve took a short break,lighted a cigarette,I’ve smoked one third of it and then I’ve stopped.You’ll say:”What kind of smoking is that?”My kind of smoking.I smoke only as much as I need.I don’t abuse.And it’s good for me.I see the results in what I feel,how I feel.So how do you feel?What makes you happy?How do you know what’s good for you.Simple.You try it.You experience it.And then you know.
   Other good pointers above...We will talk now about fear.Why are people affraid?Why are people affraid of what will happen?Are they affraid that they are going do die?Because that will find on the box of the cigarettes.There is a label there that tells you that is not healthy or that you will going to die doing that.On my box it says:”Smokers die younger.”Is this right?My grandfather was a great smoker.He used to smoke 2 or three packs a day and died happylly at the age of 82.So?Do you think you will live so long without smoking?So what’s the big enemy?I tell you that.It’s called fear.Biggest enemy of mankind.So,do you still want to live in fear?
   We’ve reached a critical point.What is fear?Your substitute for love.Love by the way is energy.So you replaced energy,life with fear.What is fear?If you stay in front of a train are you affraid?Maybe not.If you know when to move away it’s not a problem.But what if you are tied up to the railway and the train is comming,you hear it wistleing?Hmm?I think you will definetly panic,maybe pass away.So you would die before the train pass on you by fear.So through this examplification we can understand how fear works.You are not actually affraid of dying,you are affraid of what you will lose,your identity,your identification with things,things you have,things you possess.So you are possessed by things.And this is how you reacted on the railway.But what if the mechanic of the locomotive sees you and stops in time and then unty you?Have you thinked of that posibility.I don’t think so.Because you were so obssessed,so preocupied struggling to free yourself from there that you died before knowing what could have happened.
So what is death?Losing identy.And losing identity is good.It frees you.Yes.It makes you free.And freedom equals happyness.But we’ve spoken of this.It has to do with energy and love and God.When you are free?When you are happy?When you are not attached to things.Shorter version:


   Anyway,do you possess?Do you believe you can possess something?Because that’s simply silly.Do you possess this body?If you say yes,then why you don’t take it with you when you die,and let it here to rot?And this applies with all your friends and rellatives and family and house and car and bank account and properties and books you’ve read and degrees.One day you will lose all these.So why bother by being affraid?Do you think that somehow you can prevent losing them?Or a though one.What if you lose them only because you are affraid to lose them?Who teached you to be affraid anyway?Your parents?Your teachers from school?And they?Who teached them?When did fear appear?When and why fear was born?Big issue here.
   I’ve meditated for like 10-15 minutes or maybe more.Chraged my batteries to continue writing.We will speak about meditation later.Now I will tell you something new about me,something that will definetly amaze you.I’m a poet too.So this book will be different than the others you’ll see,trust me.So here we go.Instant poetry made by intuition:

solar planes

outhere is space
there is complete silence
it’s so quiet
that you can hear
the sound of the stars

   “Wow.What kind of poem is that?”
   Zen one.I’m a Zen master who doesn’t know anything about Zen.Tricky,isn’t it?
   So let’s move forward.”Let’s move forward with the experimental design.”Quote from the movie “The Fountain” with Hugh Jackman.We’ve mentions space and silence in the poetry above.Sincerily I preffer that you alone try to decode this poems.With this one I will help,like Jesus helped his discipols solve his riddles.So to hear sound you need silence.This is a riddle too.Just don’t panic.Things are simple.Things are simple I’ve wrote first time,and so it is.It’s easy to think.It doesn’t require processing as in school math or physics.So how do you get silence so you can hear,really hear?First you need to quiet the mind.How you do that?This was the hardest thing for me since I am on this Earth.Because I liked to process.I’m an informatician,I like to think in words,because this is what programming computers is about.So I wanted to understand everything through words.Do you think that is possible?For instance try to understand how water flows on a river.Do you think that through words you will ever understand the process?Even with the highest maths formulas available I don’t think you could calculate or predict the next form water will take.So.What’s the catch?The catch is to understand that in fact you don’t know a thing about everything.So I don’t know how water flows.And in that moment of total quiet of your mind,the answer comes.And it comes differently that you would expect.It cames as a feeling in your heart,Annahatha chackra.And this is it.Listen to the water and see how you feel.A lot of therapeuts around the globe use water sounds for healing.Why?Because water puts you in delta state.It’s like being asleep but you aren’t.You’re awake.And this is what I’ve done earlier meditating.But I’ve needed a bed to lie down for that.And I’ve entered a state of healing.I was asleep but being awake.Good.
   Time for another poem.You’ll love these poems.At the end you will want only poems.Don’t worry I already have a few volumes of them so be patient.Here we go:

disonant planets

strained on a distant planet
I try to wake up from my dream
now I’m on the verge
of finding who I really am
but what do I need to do that
a lot of patience

   So this one is about patience.An easy one.For beginners lol.Ok.
   We know a few things,important ones.We know that we need to breathe properly in order to be happy and we need a quiet mind to understand things.Totally different and new compared to what you knew so far from this world you live in.
   Another quality we will speak about is trust.Who do you trust?You trust me?What if everything I tell you is wrong?And instead of helping you I only get things worst for you.To tell you the truth I don’t know either.You have to see for yourself.If you will start to feel better,if good things will happen into your life,this means this book work.If not,find another.You want my advice?Find your intuition,your inner radar,wich is in your chest by the way.And after that you don’t need to read books anymore,you don’t have to find answers in exterior places.You find all you need inside you.And this is what I did.So trust in yourself.This is intuition.It’s the feeling of knowing what to do.For instance I know that in this moment I want to write this book and I don’t want anything else.This makes me happy.This is what I do.
   And I already hear a sound that says:
   “It’s easy for you to say.You don’t have any obligations.”
   Do you think that my life was easy?It was hell I say to you.I still have to convince my mother almost everyday that I don’t need a job,that I don’t need a career,that everything will be fine for me even after they die.Because they don’t believe this.They think that you can’t live without money in this world.I bet you think the same.And my question for you is why?Why do you think you can’t live without money?No money means no food,no clothes,no shelter.Does it?Who told you that?People run with energy,not money.Eat money.See if you can survive with that.Ah.You can buy food and clothes and pay the rent so you feel safe.But what if I don’t want to feel safe?
Safe from what?Death?Deseases?But if I have enough energy I don’t die and I don’t get sick.Nah.I’ve told you.”But can you do that?”No.I still can’t.”So you are not a master as you’ve said.”
When did I told you that I am a master and this book is how I achieved that?I will quote myself:
“At the end of this road,if you follow my lead,and do what you are told to do,you become a master,master of yourself,master of your mind and body,master of your destiny.”
“I’m a Zen master who doesn’t know anything about Zen.”
   So?What do you believe?Do you believe in myself or do you belive in you?Because here you decide.If you believe in me then you will be an idiot who worship a book,a bunch of words.You will come at my courses and hope to speak with me so that I become your savior,your “Personal  Jesus” like in the song of Depeche Mode.I will not sign your book.Or if I would then I would insult you.I’m a Zen master,remember?So do you believe in yourself?Because if you do that then automatically I’m not your master anymore because you already have a master,yourself.Got It?
   So everybody is his own master.This is what this book is all about.When all the people will realize this then we will not have any politicians,any military generals and any priest.Because,how it was in the movie “Celestine Prophecy”,they will be obsolete,nobody will want them.Who needs control?Only those who want to be slaves.So do you still want to be slave?Didn’t you have enough suffering in your life because you could never do the things you wanted to do.
   So it’s revolution time.But not the one with people angry on the street.An inside revolution that will bring you to new steps in the evolution of mankind.So do you have the guts to do it?Because if you don’t I’m wasting my time here.But if you have,courage,trust in yourself,then we are closer to the 5th dimension we dream about.But we have to stop dreaming and start acting.So act.Be yourself in everything you do.Free yourself from boundaries,limitations,patterns,laws,rules and so one.Be the one that makes the move.Don’t wait for the others to act.If you start,others will see you and come into the game.It’s like an orchestra were musicians are entering one by one.And what symphony,what sound you get in the end.
   Back to training,you rookie!Stop mumbling.Get into the formation.Don’t you move.
   “What was that?”
   I don’t know.Maybe it’s a meditation technique.So quiet your mind.Can you do that?If you can’t put some relaxing music or listen to the water,or nature sounds.Use your intuition.
   The problem with cigarettes is that they tend to take control over you.So if you smoke or intend to smoke you have to be very careful.Tobacco can be very persuasive.As it is the society you live in.When you start going on this track I’ve taken,everybody is against you.So you have to find people that want the same thing as you.And you have to be careful with those people too.Because sometime they tend to persuade you too.
   So far so good.What we have so far.We have energy,we have trust and we have the will to change ourselves.Have you heard the word?I will write it down again:


   It’s a big word.And is the word everybody in this world fights against.The system doesn’t want change.Change is unpredictable and it’s dangerous for the society.If you change,you have an enemy.So prepare for war.Not that kind of war with guns and destruction.A war of the mind.The system will try everything to have your mind back.It will try to give you other identities,just to keep you under control.It has a mind of its own.It’s an intelligence.An evil one so to speak.But don’t take me wrong.Evil for me is like color black in the color spectrum.It’s like in “The Matrix”(Have you seen the movie?Do you know how many similarities are between the matrix and the society we live in?).We need The Matrix to evolve.We need society for now.Because society builds minds.Controlable minds,but if you get free(like in matrix)you have your mind.Animals don’t have mind.So this is the purpose of our society.In other words,you have to go through hell to find heaven.
   So how do you become Neo?You have to find Morpheus first.And I think you just found him.

Chapter 3

    If you don’t have energy and you forget to breathe then this is your only chance.So eat.Eat regularely.There is nothing wrong with eathing.One mention though.Carefully pick your food.Not any food is healthy.Yes,if you are a master full of energy then you can eat anything you like.Guormands will say:”Wow!I have to become a master!No more rules.”
   How do you know what to eat?If you have intuition then it’s easy.If you don’t you have to guess.Me,for instance I eat what I like.I don’t eat meat.It’s my only rule.I don’t say it’s wrong to eat meat.I just choose not too.I have my reasons.
   So eat what you like.There is a science called Ayurveda that can tell you what is good for you and what is not.I don’t have any rules.I like food to look good,fresh,to leave you the impression that it is alive.

Chapter 4

    And look were we are.If you get this,the intuition,the game is over.Nothing can stop you from becoming your own master.Even if you get lost along the way,you will always find the right track back.It will be just a matter of time.
   So how do you activate your intuition?Exercise.In my early years of spirituality,I’ve read a bunch of books about paranormal abilities,like see aura or speak with entities from other dimention,angels,masters and so on.So I’ve tried to do that on my own.First I went to pentecostals.Almost got baptized there.And they have a belief.Their only goal is to receive The Holy Ghost or The Holy Spirit.And once you do that,God guides your steps.Actually is like finding yourself,your true Self,the one buddhists talk about,the one you reach after you get reed of the ego.So I went to this pentecostal church for like 4 months and prayed to receive the Holy Spirit.Ah I forgot.Holy Spirit has many gifts like speaking in toungues,healing,being a prophet and so.And one time,there,at the church came one preacher Romanian from United States.And this one was totally different than the others.He preached and he preached and I liked him.And at the end he prayed and then say something like those who hear the calling of the Lord,and surrender to His will to come forward.I felt a calling but I was too ashamed to go there because it was a big amphytheatre
there,one thousand people were watchind and was affraid what they will say in their minds about me.But I was saved.A girl was first.I saw her moving.I said to myself:”This is it.”I’m going,no matter what.And others camed.Were around 10 people there and the preacher started to put his hand on their heads and share gifts from The Lord to them.When he put his hand over my head he said:”Speak in tongues.”Nothing happened right away,but later I started saying something like a “ssss” sound and after 5 days I think I started to speak strange languages.Lol.And I couldn’t stop.My mom freaked out.I even tried to get help from one preacher there at the church and he got freaked out too.Later,when he spoke to my mom he said that I need psychiatric evaluation.The sad thing about this is that they who preached and spoke with so much enthusiasm about this,they who should have been experts in this field,they didn’t had a clue what they were talking about.And so I was speaking continuously for like two days and then my mom couldn’t take it anymore and he shouted at me:”Stop!”And I stopped.It was an interesting experience by the way and you can clasify it by an experience based on intuition,because I didn’t know what I was doing but I still did it.So intuition means risk,means you have to exit the comfort zone and do crazy stuff.
   Next experience I had from intuition was writing.Because I’ve read those books with mediums like Edgar Casey I believed that I can do that kind of things too.So this is how I started to write poems from intuition,spontaneus poetry I would call it.I know that exist a type of rappers who have what is called “flow” and they invent rimes and so instantaneuosly.
   Another thing I’ve done from intuition was channeling with Kuthumi.Too bad I didn’t record that.Tooked me totally by surprise.Angela was my witness.And then,one evening,when we were meditating me and Angela,I’ve made chanelling with an orthodox monk we had in our country,Arsenie Boca his name.He was a master by the way.I know a case proved with witnesses that he teleported himself to his mother funeral.And from what I know he was a telepath.Fist time I encounter this master was at Prislop monastery.I was on a trip with others organized by Melfior Ra,the spiritual teacher who told me how to regress into the past.And while others were praying there,at his grave,very high vibration there by the way,I was speaking with him telephatically.It was first time I’ve done that.And it was like I was speaking with anybody,just that it happened only in my head.I was very sad at that point.And he said to me:”If I were you I would jump for joy.”And another thing that he told me,at that time I was preocupied of being free,was that:”If you would know the meanning of the word freedom you would be free.”It tooked me some time to figure it out.And now I know.Freedom has to do with energy,with love.
   Another thing I’ve done through intuition was Tai Chi.I practice free Tai Chi some time.So it’s spotaneuosly Tai Chi.It’s true that I had first to go to take Tai Chi lessons.I’ve tried two times to learn but I gave up.I didn’t have the patience.And at one time was too complicated for me.
   And another thing I’ve done through intuition was singing overtones.I went to a course of musicotheraphy,I found about them,looked to some people on youtube how they do it and I’ve started singing overtones.Yes.
   And this will be my last thing I relate doing by intuition.I got lost in Viena.Lol.And I follow my interior guide.And it took me straight to some Romanian pentecostals who showed me the way.
   “Pretty impressive.”you’ll say.
    And I will respond to that:”It’s not.”All that I’ve said above are normal things."Paranormal abillities” is overexagerated.These are normal things.
   Intuition is hunch,like detectives have.And then mind come and say:”Nah.This is nonsense.Get back to your senses.You make a fool out of yourself.”So what?Better to be a happy fool than a sad rational savant.
   I teach yourself how to breathe and I forget about it being too caught in writing this book lol.I need a break.You should do that too from time to time.The most important thing is practice.And more important than practice is doing it all the time.Meditation is no good if you don’t integrate it into your daily
life.So is breathing.You need energy all the time,nonstop.
   But the best example of intuition is this book.I write instantly,spontaneusly,no thinking,no processing.I don’t have to think.The book just writes itself,word by word.This is the only way that I write.And I do this from 2002.So 11 years.
   Intuition takes practice.Another way of developing intuition is through dancing.This is my most recent experiment.I listen to goa trance on psy trance and just go with the vibe.It’s awesome.So no dance lessons.Just improvisation.Like jazz.Not that chaotic.You’ll have patterns.Everything in the Universe has patterns.But patterns always change.Like fractals.And thats all about intuition for now.But still.The best way of developing intuition is life itself,everyday life,confronting with the situations that appear.Krishnamurti said that you have to reach a point from were there is always just one choice.In everyday life you’ll always have to choose between what intuition say and what mind say.I say forget about the mind.At the beginning will be tough because mind will have such a strong voice that will cover what intuition says.But in time its voice will fade and fade till it will become only a pale background sound.And in the end will disappear completly.This will be the death of the ego.But till then he will put a big fight.
   So it’s ego vs intuition.Mind vs heart.
   You know that intuition comes from the heart.I told you that you have a radar there.But this radar to function properly needs radiance.You need a wider range so you can gather informations from the surroundings.It’s like sonar.You emit light and the rays of light come back to you with information.So thats how you know without knowing.So how far your radar goes?How do you extend the range of your radar?Through breathing?Hmm?Is that possible?Let’s see.You inhale.What happens in fact.You get air into your lungs.But is not the only thing you do.When you inhale,your lungs expand and with them your heart expands.There is a connection between lungs and heart.So if you inhale more your heart gets bigger.What does that mean?That mean one thing.Puls.Your heart pulsates.Not the pulse that pumps blood into your veins and arters.Other pulse.Sonic pulse.So heart emits sound.Lol.Heart is a sonar.When you exhale your heart retracts and with that receives the information from the pulse that she emited.This is really weird.I don’t know why.So you can perceive the world around you only using your heart.She will map all around you.Just give her time.And this is what I said is weird.You need breaks between inhales and exhales.So she could have the necessary time to process the enviroment.Wow.Look what I’ve said.Heart knows how to process things.She is smart.Actually science found that heart has neurons,she has a brain of her own.I like heart.She is complex.Did you know that the first thing that apear when a child is growing into his mothers belly is the heart.And from the heart then develop all the other parts of the body.So heart must be important.Heart is the only body part that still lives after you take her out of the body.How can she do that?It means she is independent of the other organs and parts.
   So heart is a radar.What does that mean?This means one thing reality is not what you see.And when I said that I felt tingelings in my fingers.We are blind.Our seeing make us blind.This doesn’t mean we have to take our eyes out.How this happened?When we became blind?And why we are blind?Because we have a flaw.Our color spectrum is reduced.So we can’t see everything.It is proved that we perceive less than 1% of our reality.So how can we improve that?More energy?For start yes.I know this from a book called “Hathor teaching” by Tom Kenyon and Virginia Essene.And more energy you get through breathing.I think you head it of how much I’ve repeated this.But it’s important.Somehow we have to understand that this is vital if we want to evolve.
   Human being is lazy.So always will tend to leave breathing on outopilot saying that:”I have more important things to do than breath.”Believe me you don’t have.You don’t breathe you don’t live.You are dying.I mean it.That’s why all people die.Because they are superficial.We want all things for granted.We don’t want any effort.Funny is that you don’t want to work a little to breath but if somebody gives you money you work for him.I have money.Now I can buy energy and I don’t need to breathe.Lol.It’s sad how people think.Superficial.They don’t understand what is value.Energy is free,people!You can get it!And you will not need to work for it anymore!You will not depend on anybody.Do you know what that means?You will be totally free.And this is how a real master is.Totally free.
   So what’s so hard about breathing?I think I know.You don’t know how.Because if you did,believe me,you wouldn’t stop.So...

Chapter 5

   I’m eager to find this.Do you know that I learn with you along?That all I write here is new to me too.Except for the experiences I had in my life.So this book is written through channeling.I have Jesus in my left and I have Kuthumi in my right.I feel privileged already.So let’s start.
K:”Human being is complex.You have to understand that not everything you do is as it is.This can be very complex and very hard to understand.Why?Because you are not used to.You are not used to do certain things.For instance you are not used to breathe.So how can you change that?Simple.You practice.A little in the beginning then more and more till you figure out how?So,in other words,you need to learn how to breathe.From scratch.How do you start?How can you start?You inhale.How you inhale?You inhale through your nouse.Than what you do?You count.Count to ten.I know it’s a lot.But do it.This is how you inhale.What is next?It’s a pause.What you do in that pause?Nothing.Really nothing.Pause 5.Again it’s huge but try it.Then exhale to 10.And again pause to 5.I know it sounds overwelming but you do as much as you can.You can do only 3.You do only 3.But you have a goal.And the goal is 10.And 5 for pause.And this is for the start.I let Jesus now.”
J:”Breathing is as important as seeing the Sun everyday.”
K:”Wow.That was short.”
K:”So I guess you live the talking to me.”
K:”I love this guy.Let’s continue.So you have a first exercise.Do it everyday.It’s all I ask.Next.About sexual intercourse.It’s not healthy.So just stop doing that.If you want energy you better stop wasting it.For what?A moment of bliss?Wait till you know how to breath and you will start laughing when you will hear about sex.”Oh,that?That is obsolete.”So can breathing be better than sex?Oh yes!Wait and see.J?”
J:”Sex is only for procreating.There is an aspect of sex that you don’t know and this reffers to transmuting sexual energy.This can help alot.Instead of ejaculating,I reffer now only to males,keep the semen into yourself and transmute that energy.This will give you an extra boost.Not to mention healing.K.”
K:”I’m glad we’ve opened this subject because after breathing this is the most important thing for human race right now.Having sex the propper way.Or not having at all.If you know how to transmute your energy you don’t need sex.”
E(this is me,Endasai):I can say a few things here.Recently I’ve managed to do that.It happened to me one night.I had three consecutive orgasms without having sex with someone or masturbating.Energy just climbed my spine exiting through the crown chackra.It was a very shaking experience.All my body trembled.”
K:”Yes.I know what you mean.You were very lucky because not many people experienced spontaneosly illumination.”
E:”What?You mean I’m enlightened?”
K:”Yes.You’ve done it my sun.”
E:”Wow.Thank you.But why I don’t feel any different?”
K:”It takes time your body to adjust to the new streams of energy.Just be patient.”
J:”Sun is the ultimate source of energy to the Earth.The fact that you have awakened your kundalini gives us a certain advantage.Kundalini is a source of light.Kundalini is like a Jedi lightsaber.Once activated it cuts.It cuts up and down through your pranic tube till it reaches the Sun and the Earth core.And in that moment you are no longer apart,apart from us.Is like living on Sun too,like being home again.You know what I mean.”
E:”Yes.I miss home alot.There things were different.You have a better view of everything.Here,on Earth,everything is so tiny.I don’t know.You feel unsignificant somehow.Not so important.”
K:”You are important.Don’t forget you are not alone.Many Solarians live now among terrestrials.Have you met any?”
E:”I don’t know.My senses are still weak.I think Angela is a Solarian too."
J:”She is not.She is an Andromedan.”
K:”Anyway.Your senses will grow in time.You need practice like everybody else.I know you don’t like practice.You’ve recently quited Yoga.”
E:”Yes.It was too boring.Too repetitive.Too many asanas.”
J:”But you’ve learned something there.”
E:”Yes.I’ve learned.I’ve learned that I don’t need to learn anything anymore.Not the old way.Through memorising.”
K:”Very powerful experience indeed.Your intuition is strong.I suggest you always go with that.And this is my suggestion to all the readers outhere.”

   This was the channeling.I came out from the trance.What should I say?I’m thirsty and I think I will smoke a little.Definetly.
   Wow it took me some time to recover from that.I feel really good right now.It took me by surprise.It always does.Many times I speak I’m not there anymore.Other beings of light manifest through me.They take control of my actions and they speak through me.And then I come back.It’s something like JZ Knight and Ramtha except that I’m conscious of what is happening.Cigarettes help me get back to this dimention,back to my senses and my feet.Lol.
   “So how often do you do this?”
   I don’t know.Many times is so natural that I think it’s me.And you know what?It is.At one level we are all one.And this,my experience,proves it.
   So what’s the next step in human evolution?Being aware that they are not only their body.And then sense it,perceive it.But first you need energy,a lot of it.And how you get it?You know the answer to that.

Chapter 6

   Knowing what?What’s good and what’s bad?No.This is the old style of knowing.


   So that’s how you know.No mind processing involved here.Human being is complex.You have many bodies.But we will not talk about them.We already spoke about many things you don’t sense in any way and this is not good.Why?Because ego can get a sense of identity from them.So,the fewer the information,the better it is for you.
   What do you think I perceive?Do you think that I see things better than you?No.With my eyes I see the same things as you do.But with my heart...This is a different story.Yes.I see things differently through my heart.”And what do you see?”I will correct you.What do I feel.This is the question and you should put it to you too.


   Do you know that actually what do you feel is the reality you live in?Why is love so important?Why is so important to feel love?Do you have any idea?
   Music is very important,because it can change what you feel.You can learn how to love through listening to music.For instance now I listen to Marco Torrance.I like his music very much.Is very conforting.And it has electric guitar wich I like very much.By the way,I have two dreams right now.One is to publish this book in the United States and to be a best seller and second is to become a great guitar player,electric guitar player.I started to learn how to play.But not by taking lessons.On my own.I already know how to play “Ode to Joy” and “Fur Elise” by Beethoven.But this is not my goal,to learn,to memorise what others played.My goal is to play the guitar as I write my poems,spontaneosly,instantaneosly.I already done that by playing at my electronic keyboard.I recorded some tracks.You can find them on Youtube.Also I have some slideshows,some movies uploaded there.They can help you too.My user is “claudiu ardelean”.
   Ok.Next.I think you all love me by now.I love you too.I’m unique.And so are you.You too have so many qualities and skills you didn’t explore.Just wait and see.You’ll be amazed of what you can do if you trust in youself.
   I will try to channel Arsenie Boca I’ve told you about to see what he can tell us about music.
A:”Dragii mei,stiu ca nu ma cunoasteti dar sa stiti ca eu pe toti va iubesc.Imi sunteti atat de dragi.Eu ce pot sa spun?Nu sunt atat de inalt in vibratie ca si altii dar stiu un lucru.Daca te tii de treaba,merge.M-ai intrebat despre muzica.Pai aci in planurile de unde vin e muzica tot timpul.Muzica e un mod de viata.Ea traieste in tine.Parca ar fi o fiinta vie.Si fiinta vie este.Maica noastra Sfanta,Maria a adus acest dar divin pe Pamant si de atunci evolutia oamenilor s-a accelerat mult.Cam atat am avut de zis.Nu e domeniul meu.De ma intrebai de religie sau alte stiinte stiam mai multe sa va spun.”
   Let’s translate this because the message camed in Romanian.
A:”My beloved ones,I know you didn’t hear of me but know one thing,I love you all.You are so precious to me.What can I say?I don’t have so high vibration as others but know this if you keep up the good work,it works.You’ve asked me of music.Here,in the planes that I live,music plays all the time.It’s a way of living.She,the music, lives through you.She is like a living being.And she is a living being.Virgin Mary bringed this precious gift to Earth and from that day the evolution of human kind accelerated.That’s all I had to say.It’s not my area of expertise.If you would have asked me about religion or other sciences I would have more to say.”
   So music is important.I am listening to music all the time.From morning till evening.See what genres you like and go for it.
   We will have a big change in our book today so be prepared.We will not have chapters anymore.Because chapters tend to limit.They are no use for me.I’m too unpredictible.So what’s the use of putting a title if deffinetly I will speak of something else.Like in the chapter with Jesus and Kuthumi.Starting with breathing and ending with what?You see.You can’t put a label on anything.If you don’t want to be a robot anymore who just follows orders,listen to the script in his head.
   So from now on...


   So we will have numbers,dates and hours preciselly.Good.
   Last night I slept like a baby.8 hours straight and now with fresh batteries I’m ready to rumble.
   Let’s slow down a litle bit.The pace.Let the pedal of the accelerator slowly down till you stop.And what will you find?
Silence.Silence is the ultimate song of the Universe.Because from that song everything comes to life.So creation needs silence.Peace.Quietness.So just look around and see the peace,the silence.Silence is everywhere.Even on a construction field with all the equipment there going.It is quiet.And when you will see,actually hear that silence(did you know that heart has ears?),you will be a master.I’m not bullshiting you?It’s the truth.
   So to learn this quietness you need a lake.You go there and listen.Because the lake is quiet.Also you can learn from the trees.Trees are very quiet.Especially pines.When you enter a pine forest is like entering another dimension.I’ve read in a book that pines help us feel the 5th dimension.So trees are good.You can also hug a tree.Fish can help you.Also plants.And rocks.You see.Everything on this planet is alive and is quiet.Why are we so noisy?Hmm?Have you look at people?What are they doing?They make noise all the time.They talk much and loud.They slam doors.They break things.They run cars.And when they are not making hearing sounds they make noise with their mind.Did you know that thoughts make noise?You can’t hear them but they do.So how do you quiet your mind?Because here is the key to everything.If you do this you will not need to do something else anymore.Because everything that you will do from that moment will be in harmony with all creation.Have you heard what I’ve just said?Let’s write something to remind you:


   Good.What do we have next.We have a guest.Kuthumi again.Say welcome...
K:”I’m glad that you teach them Silence.For those who don’t know,Silence is an art.It is like a science.Here,from were I come from we have a big temple dedicated only to Silence.There are no sermons.People just enter and stay in silence.Yes.”
E:”Can you tell us more?What is Silence?How do you get it?When do you get it?”
K:”You get it when you are ready.”

   He left.He must have some important business somewhere in the Galaxy.
   So.I’m done.There is nothing else I can teach you.It’s all I can say in words.But I can write you poems.What do you say?

candid camera

somebody is whatching us
from above
he tells us what to do
should I listen to that?
or I should do what I want


peace is a word
a strong one

garbage disposal

you have a recicle bin
it’s in your head
so when you have a thought
that you don’t like
throw it there


be mindful of your thoughts
they betray you

judgement day

judgement day is today
don’t judge yourself
don’t judge others
let the moment judge you


I have a pain in my back
it hurts a lot
what should I do?
don’t look back
don’t ever look back


you go with the flow
you go high
high above clouds
high above saints
high above everything


on a rainbow you see colors
colors have meaning
so how colored you are today?


you are a spaceship
did you know?
when your tank will be full
full of prana
and your sistems will be restored
you will be able to travel
anywhere in the galaxy


we create storms
storms are a reminder
that everything on this universe
has a reason
so stop
the storm in your mind
creates storms on this planet


powerful you are
but you don’t know
you are too trapped in words
words without meaning

who define?

define gravity
define love
define peace
define war
define what you define
and then define yourself
and after that
define nothing


path to nowhere
nowhere to go
trapped inside
empty thoughts
empty mind
empty yourself
from selfish wishes
that only bring you

when and where

when did it all begin?
when it will end?
tell me!
and again
you could be free
you know
just stop being fake all the time


in my box
I store precious gifts
gifts from the past
gifts that say
“I’m too precious!”


have the courage
to forget


delete all
shift delete all
it’s not important anymore
this moment is important
this moment is you

train station

in my transition to light
I’ve traveled to many planets
I love all of them
all of them gave me joy
and you know what I like
I can go there anytime I want
and I’m always welcomed
with opened arms


our galaxy spin
spins around her axe
and in her spin
she laughs
and every laugh
brings joy
to the stars she has
what a great mother she is
always smyling
always happy
joy is the word that describe her

we have to listen

we have to listen to the stars
stars above tells us
the path
the path to choose
if we want
to travel further
into the unknown

   So these were the poems for today.I wish you happy reading.I will not comment any of them.All of them are full of meaning even if some of them appear strange or too simple.Belive me they are not what they seem.
   So this book,I will write it in no time.It’s much easier to write poems.I sugest you try too.Use your intuition.A poet is inside everyone of you.You just have to bring him into the light,the light of your conciousness.


own your mind
it’s the most precious gift you have
because without it
you can’t make the difference
between you
and others
even if we are the same
even if we are one
this is the thing
that makes us uniques

what is life?

a tree
a tree that grows inside you
a tree of knoledge
a tree of knowing
the truth

the truth

the truth is everywhere
from the tiniest particle
called tachyon
from the biggest
called universe
everything is connected
everything is one
one truth
one truth


pain is pain
pain is not suffering
pain is a gift
pain is the ultimate knowledge of things
pain tells you
when you are wrong

bite the pain

so take it
don’t fight it
take it
swallow it
digest it
feel it
and when you are done eating it
you will be wiser


grand cannyon is huge
but huger than that
is human suffering
that separates


i just searched inside myself
like on internet
i searched for love
and what did i find?
not a bunch of words
pure selfless undefined love

   So it keeps going.I’m with the flow of things.Things come and go.And I am in the middle of it.Search inside yourselt the true meaning of life.See beyound words what defines you.What you will find?The truth.You will always find the truth.Because truth is everywhere.It is everywhere you look.You are surrounded by truth.Truth can’t be found.If you search for it then you just search for it.It’s all you do.This is from Osho.You have to stop searching if you want the truth.And when you will do that you will realize that it was always there.You just forgot.How?Searching.But when did you start searching?The moment you fell from grace.This is the term from Bible or other writings.Don’t get me wrong.All writings are correct.All give you hints.But all of them trap you.So.Leave all the knowledge behind.I know it is hard.Because is so preacious to you.But it is only a copy of the truth,the reality.Only a copy.A briefly vague one.And when you will realize that,your eyes will open and you will see everything.
   So.What I am trying to say is...


totally shutdown of the system
new operating system installed
windows love
system is operating in normal parameters
starting breathing system
breathing at 10%
increasing slowly to 30%
radar activated
range 10 m
surroundigs detected
cars,trees,2 peoples
enter parameters to search
“path home”
path found
activating motor functions
estimated time
12 min 02 sec
starting sequence

   Does this sound familiar?Did you know that you are a robot?The robot has a computer,your brain.That can be programmed.Did you know that?That you can be programmed like any other machine?The important thing is to know the language.You know that programming use languages.Different ones:basic,pascal,c++,fox,java,html,php and so on.So programming is made in languages.We people what do we do?We speak different languages.Good.How can you programm somebody.By convincing him.You say:”Sex is good.Do it.”And he repeats after you:”Sex is good.Do it.”And he goes home and make sex with his wife.Then you go further more.You say:”Sex is awesome.Do it every day.”And he repeats that.And do that every day.”Brush your teeths dayly.Eat three times a day.Drink 2 liters of wather.Make 30 min of exercise.Buy my product,is the best.Flush your toilet.”But you’ll say:I have to do all this.This is normal.Everybody does it.It’s not programming is normal life.”Is it?How do you know?How do you know whats normal?
Normal is to get up every day and first thing you do is to go see the Sun.”But this is not programming.You tell me what to do.”Yes.It is programming.But is good programming because I tell you what is best for you."And what is wrong by brushing your teeths dayly?”It is wrong because you don’t need it.Somebody convinced you that if you brush your teeth you will not have caries.I don’t brush my teeth.And I don’t have caries.”Then it means you have a bad breath.”So what?Nobody complained about that.What I am trying to say is that somebody uses you to make money out of you.You buy a product you don’t need and you use it every day because you belive it’s healthy for you.But it is not.Actually it is better not to brush your teeth because they addapt to different substances you put in your mouth and get imunity to what dammage them.So best toothpaste is none.Angela told me once that she asked an old dentist which is the best toothpaste and his answer was:”WATER”.
   So do you have a glimpse of the world you live in?I told you that I will set you free.”FREE YOUR MIND,NEO.”Are you ready to jump into the unknown?Are you ready to leave The Matrix?Or you want the blue pill,you want to go back to safety,to comfort.It’s your choice.


Because the things I will show you will be tough.Do you have a strong mind and heart?Do you have what is takes to be a master?

    I went down at the store to buy water.I bought 10 litres.Our running water is poluted.They say we have the best purifying water plant in the country and it is poluted.How is that?And we pay for poluted water.I don’t have to do a chemical test to find that out.It’s enough to put it in my mouth.My tongue tell me that.Do you know that tests can be forged?Do you know anything about the reality you live in?Or do you know you know?I know your brain is spinning right now.And that is good.Let’s put that neurons in motion.They are too asleep.
Is it right to buy water?Water is free you know.You can go to a spring or a river to drink it for free.So this is the reason they make a campaign that tells you you need 2 litres of water a day to be healthy.Do you think they care how healthy you are?They don’t.Actually they want you to be sick.Why?So you to buy medicines,drugs,their drugs.Who are they?In the Matrix they were called agents.And agents they are.Agents of the devil lol.
Don’t get scared.It’s ok.Everything is fine.You live in a world full of control.But is fine.The important thing is to be aware of that.Because they are not evil.They just help.Help you evolve.I don’t have anything against secret societies,masons and other dark things.They are who they are.And do what they do.Actually I’m glad that they are here.We have alot to learn from them.They are masters of the mind.So.Learn from them.They are very tricky.They can deceive you very quick.But is ok.Once you learn their moves you can dodge them like Neo did.And finally you are immune to them.They can’t harm you in anyway.And when this will happen,when their charm will not work anymore,they will leave.This happend to them on many planets.And they know that.That their time on this planet is getting shorted and shorter.So they profit from it the best way they can.
   I like cold.I didn’t like it before but now I do.How?I’m not afraid of cold anymore.I enjoy it.How is it possible?”Do you want to say that you can’t freeze anymore if you stay at zero dregrees?”What do you say?I can or I can not?Deppends on what?My belief system?I just showed you how wrong is the belief system of humans.So can I?Can I stay at zero degrees and not freeze?The answer I got from my computer was that I can’t.How did that happen?I got cocky and wanted to say I can and in that moment the music from my pc turned into noise like that noise tv does when he don’t have a channel fixed.And that just snapped me out of my selfish belief.This happens alot in life but you don’t notice it.Strange things happen just to wake you up,wake you from your dream of becoming important.Did you know that you live in a dream?”How is this possible.Don’t tell me I’m really into the Matrix and I lie somewhere in a coffin and I’m dreaming.”No,It’s not like that.Actually you are
a sleep walker.

turned to dust

stars are dust
incandescent dust
sparkles of dust
pure unrefine matter
that in time
will become planets
and beings
and atoms

“This does not help.Why did you changed the subject?I want to know more.Explain to me how am I a sleep walker?”


you are awake in a dream
your dream is my dream
your call
is my call
your wish
is my wish
but when I wake up
I am one
I am one that keeps dreaming
of stars
and universes
and atoms
and in fact
I don’t care anymore
if I’m awake
or I am dreming
even if I sleep
I am still awake
so I’m a stalker
I haunt you
I corner you
every step of the way
and when I’m done with you
will be mine
forever and ever

   Spooky isn’t it.I bet you shit your pants.”What did I get into?”
   There is no turning back my friend.One way or the other.One way or the other.Now I’m the Oracle speaking.How real is The Matrix?As real as you want you to be?Can a movie be real?Of course in can.It is real.It’s a part of this Universe.And Universe is one.It’s not divided in parts,good or bad,colored or not,short or small,fat or slim,stupid or smart and so one.Universe is the way it is.You can’t define the Universe.Doesn’t have eyes so you could put a color to it.Doesn’t have weight so you could measure it.Doesn’t have intelligence so you could give it a quiz test to see it’s IQ.So who does all these crazy things like labeling?Human beings.They label everything.They label all so they don’t forget.They don’t want to forget who they are.But who are they?Are they labels too?How many labels?Do you think that you can manage without your ID card?Of course you can.So.It’s ok.Just take it easy.You have to do one thing.Just one.Be conscious.So how do you do that.Put the question.
“Am I my ID card?”And see the answer.Let’s go further.
“Am I my job?”
“Am I my car?”
“Am I my wife?”
“Am I my kids?”
“Am I my bank account?”
“Then who am I?”
“Am I my thoughts?”
“Am I my feelings?”
“Who am I?”
   Do you know what feelings are?Have you explore them?Or you are too affraid to go there.It’s a private place you have.Only for you.I wont tell you where this place is.You have to find it on your own.It’s inside your body.See where you feel fear for example,or hate,or sadness.You can actually feel that place physically.Feelings are objects like everything else.They are condensed energies.They have form.So go there and see them.Explore.And set them free...

belly dance

I know a gipsy
a cute one
she shake like nobody can
I like it
I like it very much
because after she dances
I feel relived

   Hallelujah to that.

jump around

jump around
junp around
everybody in the house
jump jump

I see

I see my pain now
I look it in the eyes
and cry may lungs out
so much pain
so much pain
but through my tears
I make the Sun rise
And again
And again


when my sun is down
I feel lost
what should I do?
look to the sky
and see it

   So I make theraphy through words.Words can be powerful tools if you use them the right way.
   I’ve googled it:”theraphy through words”.Found nothing.Then I’ve searched for “word theraphy” and voila,it exists:


   There is a guy in this movie,Ian Keteku and this guy is a poet.He speaks about the power of the words.He talked about the Bible.He said he is not a preacher.But said about what is in the begining of the gospel of Joan.And is like this:

1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
2 He was in the beginning with God.
3 All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made.
4 In Him was life, and the life was the light of men.
5 And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.

   I’ve read this so many times and I’m still amazed.How is this possible?Can be Word so powerful?Can be Word God?Because that is what the Bible is telling us about.
   I’ve told you that we are robots.Robots need scripts to work.All the people of this world have scripts.But their scripts are not their own.Somebody else wrote them.And they function as others want.How about I tell you that you can write your own scripts.I’m a programmer,I’ve told you,and a good one too.You would be amazed what things I’ve done.I’ve programmed in the most rudimentary language that exists.That is called Machine Code.Sounds familiar?Who am I if I know the Machine Code and I know how it works?Do you want to know too?Do you want me to teach you how to build the reality you want?Because this reality is built on words.And for that you need to go to the core of the words.Words are letters.And letters are sounds.So I will make an adjustment to the Bible and say:

1 In the beginning was the Sound, and the Sound was with God, and the Sound was God.
2 He was in the beginning with God.
3 All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made.
4 In Him was life, and the life was the light of men.
5 And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.

So I reinvented the Bible.I’ve rewrote the code of it.”With what right?”My right.The right to do watever I want.Did you read the Declaration of Independence?Let’s put a quote from it here:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

   I think it’s time for a revolution,people.Are you with me?I didn’t hear.
   Let’s teach these bastards a lesson they will not easily forget.Pay for water?...What sick bastard could put you to do that?What will it be next?Pay for air?It’s free,people.IT’S FREE!


   You don’t have to pay a dime.So how long will you take this?
How long?What are you affraid of?What can they do to you?If we stay united we are invincible.They are few.So few.How many politicians are in this world?How many are we?So?
Do it.


   What I just did?Do you have any idea?I’ve programmed you.So.What will you do?Will you go in the street and shout like an idiot?I almost convinced you,right?You believed me,right?How did I do that?I earned your trust.And with that you were mine.That’s how politics work.You go to the mobe and programm it through words.And the most efficient programmer wins.
   I will tell why I like smoking.This will shock me too.It was a wish from my childhood.When I was a child I saw my grandfather smoking.And I whished to do that too.At one time I’ve got some cigarettes out of wood and put them in an empty pack.I’ve made also a lighter out of wood and I played with them.My cousin saw me and said:”Cigarettes are not healthy.”And I threw them away.But now I can do that and I do it.And you know what?I like it?Why?See for yourself if you want to know.
This is not an advice.It is a challenge.Have you seen Gandalf smoke?And all the hobbits.And Aragorn.You’ll say:”It’s a movie.”And I will say no more.Smoking can be a very powerful tool if you know how to handle it.End of story.
   See who is affraid...
   And where were we?Where we are.And where we are?Here.
   I’ve seen a great movie called “Zen”.And there were this master,Dogen.And Dogen was a seeker of truth,like you.He wanted to find the true Buddism.And he found it.And when he found it he realized...What he realized?

out in the dark

out in the dark
is light
beautiful light
glowing light

   So lets learn some Physics.the Physics of the Heart.How does heart function?If we know this we become very very powerful.
   So what is heart?Should we check the dictionary?Of course.
 Use Heart in a sentence
heart  [hahrt]  Show IPA
Anatomy . a hollow, pumplike organ of blood circulation, composed mainly of rhythmically contractile smooth muscle, located in the chest between the lungs and slightly to the left and consisting of four chambers: a right atrium that receives blood returning from the body via the superior and inferior vena cavae, a right ventricle that pumps the blood through the pulmonary artery to the lungs for oxygenation, a left atrium that receives the oxygenated blood via the pulmonary veins and passes it through the mitral valve, and a left ventricle that pumps the oxygenated blood, via the aorta, throughout the body.
Zoology .
the homologous structure in other vertebrates, consisting of four chambers in mammals and birds and three chambers in reptiles and amphibians.
the analogous contractile structure in invertebrate animals, as the tubular heart of the spider and earthworm.
the center of the total personality, especially with reference to intuition, feeling, or emotion: In your heart you know I'm an honest man.
the center of emotion, especially as contrasted to the head as the center of the intellect: His head told him not to fall in love, but his heart had the final say.
capacity for sympathy; feeling; affection: His heart moved him to help the needy.

   I like it already.Especially 3,4 and 5.
   So it has to do with intuition and it is the center of emotion contrasted to the head as the center of the intellect.Good.
   So,do you think that there is more?I’ve told you that heart is a radar.So how does she function?Because the dictionary didn’t tell.Told us what she does physically.But not how she works.
So mainly the heart moves the blood through the entire body.The blood contains a lot of things.It carries oxigen or CO2
(carbon dioxide),and food in raw form to the cells of the body.So far so good.But what if blood carry some things that curent science don’t know about,didn’t discover them?Can we discover them?Can we beat science?Of course we can.So let’s ask?Let’s us ask the Sun(he is the creator of everything on this planet),let’s ask the Sun more.And for that we need Jesus,cause he is in charge of the Sun(I didn’t tell you this before;now you know).
E:So,Jesus tell us about the human heart and how she function.
J:Human heart is complex.It has many secrets ready to unfold.So be prepared.
E:For what?
J:For a human revolution.A revolution of mankind.Through Peace and Understanding.Through Cooperation.Through Love and Compassion.
E:So you won’t tell us about the heart.
J:Find it for youself.Do what I enumerated above and you shall understand how human heart works.
J:So.Science is what it is.A bunch of data.But the real thing is you.You,yourself are.Are made how you are made.And you function how you function.Nevertheles,you are pioneers.This planet is like a virgin.So be careful how you deal with her.You can rape her(like you are doing now)or you can be gentle with her.So be a gentleman.You will be happy.She will respect you all and give you averything you need in your ascension towards Light.
E:Wow.You can say that again.
J:So.It’s like this.Curiosity killed the cat.Don’t be curious anymore.Things will come for you at the right time.Have I made myself clear?
E:I think you just did.I can’t fool this guy,can’t I?
J:So.The moment of truth is now.Time is running out.This planet will go forward.Are you?Are you going with her?She is a lady you know.So treat her right and she will let you stay.She will do anything in her power to save you.Because she loves you.She loves you like no one does.Because She is your Mother.So don’t rape your mother anymore.Be gentle.Be calm.Dark times are comming.Time has reached a critical point.It will expand.And the matter will expand with it.So in order you to survive you need to adjust.Adjust your feelings.Adjust your feelings for Her.Treat Her right this time.And no more killing.Dolphins are dying.Do you know what that means?It means that it is time for you to wake up and stop destroying your world.You do it every day and you don’t know it.Stop being selfish.Quit your sick addictions.And all will be fine.I guarantee that.So again.I will not judge you as you were told.You will judge yourself through everything you do.You want to be a sick bastard that destroy everything around him?Or you want to be a Creator?Because this is all about.This planet is a school.Where do you think you are?Party?Party my ass.This is life,you bastard,retard.Wake up!WAKE UP!Grew up.You act like a spoiled child.You think that everything is for granted,that you have the rights here,that you can do everything you like and this will not have any consequencies whatsoever?Well it’s not like that.It’s not like that.So.I’m pissed of.Because you don’t get it.This is your chance to be what you always wanted.To be like me.Why do you think I died on the cross?For the show?Now is a show called Easter on Earth.And other show called Christmas.Wich don’t have anything to do with what I’ve done on Earth.I didn’t healed people.I didn’t make miracles.I didn’t walk on water(actually I did this but not when people saw me).I’m not a showman showing tricks.Because this is how the Bible describes me.I’m like you.It is no difference between me and you.We are one and the same.The only difference is that I am conscious,I’m awake,and you are still dreaming.So.In other words let’s chill.Let’s make Peace.Peace on Earth.That’s what I want to see.So you have a goal.This is your goal.Make peace.


   End of transmition.
   So you heard Jesus.We need to change.We need to change our way of life.We need to stop poluting.We need to stop killing innocent animals just for our sick pleasure.This includes domestic animals(So this is why I don’t eat meat).We have to stop killing trees.We have to stop fishing.We have to stop burning coal.We have to stop drilling for oil.And we have to stop mining for metals.You’ll say:”Then what will we do?Nothing?”Yes,nothing.Just enjoy life the way it is.Enjoy eachother.So this book has a heavy payload.It’s heavier than an atomic bomb.The question is:


   Because there is more.I will go to the core.I will demolish everything inside you.But in the end.You will be a new born child ready to play.
   Time for more poetry...


gold is inside you
you don’t have to mine outside


a puppet with a silver necklace


how ready you are
what is your limit
how much you can carry
how further you can go
what limits do you have
can you pass them and leave them behind
can you handle the truth
can you be how i want you to be
can you fly
can you walk
can you walk in my shoes
can you be

   So let’s continue our trip to the top of the mountain.And on the top what will we find?A diploma with your name on it and above your name with golden letter the title:


   Do you want it?Everybody in the house say:


   All right.Let’s continue.So Jesus is not how everybody...
   I stopped because it makes me sick.This book was suposed to be for the American people.I wanted to write a best seller there but now I’ve changed my mind.I don’t want to be a “star” anymore.I simply couldn’t take it.So much of the “fake” world.It’s enough to think of Britney Spears and it makes me sick.So I wanted to make millions of dollars with this book so I could do wathever I want.But I told you.I changed my life.I want to live a simple life.Simple,meaningful,joyful life.So if you found this book I hope it will help you.

Peace on Earth


   I thought that this is it.I don’t write this book anymore.I’ve made a blog with it and put a link somewhere hidden.Like a treasure of something.I don’t care.I don’t care anymore.I don’t like intuition anymore.I’ve acted with my right brain.Wich is very good for a human being because almost all the people in this world are on their left part of the brain.The left emisphere of the brain is with the logic.So now I’m on my left side.Now I’m logic.So see the difference.All the enthusiasm is gone.I don’t have any joy.Actually right now I don’t care about anything or anybody.
   Why I’ve quited intuition?Because is sick.It just tells you what to do over and over.I hate it.I like freedom.Freedom means that if I don’t want to do a thing,I don’t do it.This is free will.And I like free will.So.I’m sad.
   I think I have to find the middle way.Like Buddha.Now I’m on the left side.I know this is not good either.So what should I do?How do you put intuition and logic together.How do you make peace between the wolf and the lamb?This is from the movie “Meetings with remarcable men” about the life of Gurdgieff.
   To tell you the truth I like myself better now.I don’t know why it gives me great peace.It’s strange.I’m sad and happy at the same time.Maybe I’m not on the left side of the brain.Almost my entire life I was there.
   So.I have peace and quiet.What does that mean?I’ve reached the state of a master?But what is a master?Nobody knows.Is a term,a word.So I am who I am.I am the way I am.And is good.Kung Fu panda.Poetry?


all is strange
all is well
all is like a tinker bell
all I see is all I get
all in one I don’t regret
all that is
all that shines
all that in this world combines
all in all
all a ball
all a sea
is what I see

   Omg!That one camed with rimes.So I think it was logic and intuition combined.Lol.Crazy isn’t it.
   So.What can I say?Am I a master?Are you a master?I think masters don’t exist.They are just people like everybody else.People defined them.They put a label on them.Because they are different than the rest.But they are not.They are who they are.
   So.Do you want to be a master anymore?Or you just want to be yourself every step of the way.To tell you the truth,I’m pleased with myself.I don’t want to change a thing.I’m lazy.It’s great to be lazy.I’m stubborn.That is great too.I’m shy.That is good too.And so on.So.Accept who you are.Don’t change a thing and you will become the master you always wanted.
   End of story.Pam pam.


   I fooled you,didn’t I.You don’t know what to think of me anymore.
   I went out to buy cigarettes.And I did.Two packs.Don’t worry.I don’t smoke 2 packs a day.Christmas is comming and I needed some provisions.Usually I smoke 2 or 4 cigarettes a day.Sometime more.Sometime less.”And you are not affraid of getting addicted?”No.I don’t understand why people say tobacco is addicted,creates dependence,because for me it’s different.I heard of people who can’t quit smoking or dying of lung cancer and so.I don’t get it.For me it is not a habbit.I smoke when I like and how much I like.If I need 2 smokes I take 2 smokes and then light of the cigarette.If I need two cigattes,I smoke two cigarettes in a row.
   So I went to the market.There is a girl there who is a dealer.I don’t buy cigarettes from stores.I don’t like them anymore.And are too expensive.I buy contraband cigarettes at half the price.And you know what?They are better than most of the great cigarette brands.
   After I bought cigarettes,in my way home,I saw the Sun.Very beautiful.It’s morning so the Sun is not so strong at this time.So I watched him.All the people were preocupied with other things.Whatching their feet,because it’s ice on the road,speaking at mobile phones.I was walking watching the Sun.At one time I coudn’t see him anymore,so I changed my direction.I went to the athletism stadium wich is nearby and there I had a clear view.And I watched him for some time.Then I got home.And now I am writing to you in my bed listening to music at the same time.I forgot.My tea is ready.I usually drink black tea in the morning.So I will just go and drink it.Brb.
   I like Earl Grey tea,because Jean Luc Piccard from Startrek used to drink.He always said at the replicator:”Tea Earl Grey hot”.Actually now I,in this moment,not right in this moment because I can’t tipe at my PC and drink at the same time,I could do that if I type only with one hand and with the other drink tea,but I will not do that.I could spill the tea on my laptop.Because I have a laptop,not a desktop computer.I have one of that too but I don’t use it beacause its cooler makes too much noise and the monitor is too old and you can’t see clear on it.I could replace the cooler because I have a new one from China that my brother bought from ebay.But still I would need a new monitor wich is an investment.But hey.I like my laptop.It’s an netbook,a small laptop wich is best for what I am,a writer.It’s very portable,its battery is broke but is the best for what I am doing right now.I need a seep from the tea.So what I did?I’ve put the laptop away from my feet and I took the cup with my left hand from the desk,then I’ve put back the laptop on my feet with the right hand,and now I drink tea and write at the same time wich is awesome.I’ve seen many people riding a bike and speaking at mobile phone at the same time and this is amazing.Some people drive their car and speak at the telephone the same time.This is amazing too.
   Why do I say all this things to you?Do you have any idea?Do you know what selfesteem is?Do you have selfesteem?
   Good.We go forward.I have finished my tea.I think I’m getting hungry.And I have another problem.I think I need a smoke.So I’ll be back.Do you know from where this is?Terminator?Wich one?
   My music stoped.Actually I stopped it earlier.My external USB sound card M-Audio has a bad driver and it’s nothing I can do.From some time to time it makes loud noises.And I have to quit Winamp,the program I use for playing music,and then if I lauch it back it’s ok,the noise is gone.So I will put some back ground music.Yes.All ok now.But What should I do?Should I buy another soundcard for the only reason that the driver has a glitch,a bug?Or should I accept this?It’s a big question.My operating system is not the problem.It’s Windows XP.You’ll say:”That is obsolete.You have Windows Vista,Windows 7,and now Windows 8.Why you don’t install any of these?They are more recent,more updated.”Are they?My netbook has an Intel Atom processor that runs at 1.6 Ghz with 1.5 GB of Ram memory.Do you think that it will run better with those systems?I tell you.No way.”Then you should definetly buy a new laptop.”I don’t have the money for that.”Well then.It’s your problem,not mine.Deal with it.”But who said I have a problem?I like this laptop.I love it.It has 160 GB of hardisk space wich is pretty much.I can store a lot of music on it.So.Why am I bothering you with all these things?I don’t know.Maybe you wanna know.Do you?Have I said anything interesting?Have you learned anything from what I’ve just said?”That M-Audio is no good.”Yes?"And that you need the proper system for the proper PC."Good?”And that all have a reason.”Keep going.”And that you should accept what you have if you want to be happy.”Very very good.
   So we’ve learned a good lesson here.Not to be greedy.Not to ask more than we need.
   I like the music that I’m hearing.It’s goa trance.Superb music.
   I think I will go to eat something.I didn’t eat today.It’s 11:03 now.
   So I’ve made peace with the enemy.This is something my father uses to say after he eats.”Have you made peace with the enemy?”Wise man my father.I recently found that out.Did you know that you have the perfect parents?I mention somewhere in this book that I hate my father.Well...things change.We evolve.Now is peace.Why do you think you hate somebody?What is he doing to you that you don’t like?But who does not like it?Do you think is you?Why should you hate?What is the problem there.Fuck!Now I really hate my sound card.She did that again.Fuck it.It’s so annoying.When you don’t expect,BOOM!She is fucking your brain.Buzzzzzzzzzzzzz!Fuck it!So,should I write whithout music?This is the message here?Because everything in this Universe is for a reason.It means that I make that noise happen,I attract it some how.Did you know that?There is a movie on this subject called “The Law of Attraction” or “The Secret”.I don’t advise you to watch it.It’s bullshit.But it,the movie,has very good pointers.Yes.The law of attraction exists.But if it exists we don’t make proffit from it.Because this is what the makers of this movie tried to do and yes,they did “attract” a lot of money but the account in wich they “attracted” got frozen and none of them got any penny.
So.What is law of attraction?What you give is what you receive.Let’s put it with capital letters.


   This is another version of Jesus’s words:”What you seed is what you harvest.”
   So.If I write this book just to reap you of your money then maybe that will happen but afterwards I will get reapped too.
   So,you know now an important thing.But is enough to know it?No.The important think is to be conscious of it.So watch the law of attraction how it manifests in your life.Watch your doings and the consequences they have.
   I recently told a friend that our doings,our facts,our acts define us.So what you do betray you.
   You’ll say I’m a wise man.I’m not.I’m just a guy.Like you.That’s all.
   So why my soundcard buzzed so often lately?Because have been days not having any problem.I think I know.She just wanted to wake up me from my ignorance.You know that if you are insolent,finaly you’ll get slapped on the face,maybe punched if you exagerate.
   So where are we going?We still want to be masters?You already are masters,all of you.You just have to realize this simple truth.Truth is not outside of you.So you should stop looking.This reminds me of another movie called “Peaceful warrior”.Beautiful movie.With Nick Nolte by the way and with the guy that played in “Eurotrip”(stupid movie,my opinion ofcourse).You should watch both of them nevertheless.You can learn from a stupid thing too.I’ve made a lot of stupid things in my life.But stupid is good or bad?Things are good or bad?I think they simply are.One thing in my opinion is good and in yours is not.So it’s very good to have an opinion and not fall for what others believe.So you see?This is believing.This is the real faith.Not the one that we borrow from others.
   I closed the window because it got chilly in here.So,is there anymore to say?

cognitive thoughts

beyound the incandescent matter
that the earth core has
there is a star
a star that no one knows about

   What is this star?But first,do you believe me?How do I know?Science didn’t tell us a thing about this.It is possible?And if it is so then how this thing help us?
   It doesn’t.I just told you an useless thing.Yes.It’s true.But is useless.
   So this is how your mind is organized.This is how school formatted you.All school teaches you a lot of stuffs.Not all of them are true.And not all of them are useful.Actually none.I know you need reading,writing and a little math.But thats all you need.The rest is garbage.If you want to be a scientist then yes,it’s important,but you will be a plummer all your life then what’s the use for Biology or Chemistry.So this is wrong.The learning system is wrong.They pump your brain with information you don’t need.That’s why kids hate school.
”Mom?Why I must go to school?It’s boring there.I don’t want to go.I want to stay home and play.”
“Well,honey,you must go.Everybody does that.Education is important for you.How do you want to earn your living when you’ll grow up?Do you want to be a factory worker like your father,being dirty all the time and stay in so much heat?And for what?For a lousy pay?Be smart and learn.Go to college so we can be prowd of you.”
   Lol.What can you say to that?Pretty impressive speach.The kid remains disarmed and he goes unhappy to school like any other kid does.So the system beated him.He must learn to surrender.He must learn that he doesn’t have any control of his life and he has to do what he is told to do because this is best for him.Do you think that this is right?Why should you force a person to do something agains his will?You’ll say:”He’s an 8 year old kid.What does he know about life?”I would say that deffinetly knows more than you do.Because he wants to play,he wants to have fun,he wants to enjoy life and you don’t let him.Why?Because you are sad,and lonely,and tired,and lost.And the only thing you know to do is move forward and suffer more.And you want that for your kid too.Why?Because you were educated this way.And you don’t know any other way.Why?Because nobody showed you something else and you think:”This is it.This is life.There is no more.Carry on like everybody does.”But what if there is another way?
   This book intends to be for all mankind.Doesn’t matter what belief system they have.I know it will be hard for the majority of them to pass certain things I wrote in this book such as the dialogue with Jesus.That could sound pretty SF.What should I say about Kuthumi?Who is Kuthumi?An ascended master.What is an ascended master?Pretty much a person who know everything about everything.He knows how a Galaxy is made and how stars get born.I think that will just do.For now.
   So the question is:Do you want to change?Do you want to change your life?Do you want to be happy?Do you think you deserve happyness?
   “Are you happy?”somebody will ask me.Yes I am.I do what I want so I’m happy.The question is:Do you know what you want?This is tricky.Because here interfere the words “you need to”,”you must”.Where do these words come from?Do you think that you must do something?That there are things that you are obligated to do.That there are things that are “a must do”,”a must have”.Do you think that you must pay taxes,bills?Do you think that you must have a home?Do you think that you must have kids?Do you think that your kids must have an education?Do you think that you must go to the toilet?I awaked you?From my point of view the only “must” is the last one.The others are optional.”But how will I be happy if I don’t have kids?”Simple.You do what you like.Maybe you should have been a painter now staying in nature and paint a painting.Hmm?What dreams,what wishes you had in your childhood and you didn’t fulfill them.Worst.You totally forgot about them and now that you are a grownup you think they are stupid nonsenses.Are they?So instead of being and artist,totally free,openning a gallery and so,you are a homemade wife,lonely all the time,dusting the place,washing clothes and making meals,waiting for the kinds to come home so you have a little comfort,lieing in front of the tv till evening when your dirty husband come home exausted from the two shifts,who eats in a hurry,maybe drinks a beer and that collapse into bed to charge his battery for his next day.So.Who is to blame for all this?The system?The parents?The parents of the parents?The politicians?The military?The pope?The queen of England?The FBI?Who?You know the answer for that.


   So what should you do?Do you think is too late?Do you have to run away,leave your kids and husband,leave everything behind,go get a job,study Arts and do what you always wanted.Well...you could do that,nobody can stop you.But who said that you need to study Arts to be a painter.You could go to the store,buy the things you need to paint and start painting.You have a lot of time,remember?And you would be happy.
   Do you know what lies above my head?My dream.For real.It’s a picture of me from the first or second grade.I was a lovely child.I still am.Do you know what I am holding in my hand?A pen?Do you know what my uncle put inside my basket when I was little and I got battized?A pen.Do you know what is behind me in that picture?Is a map.My country map.What all these things mean?Do you understand?It means that right now I am following my dream.So what’s your dream?What’s your passion(how Ian Ketenke said in that movie)?Find out.And follow that passion.Should I say more?I think not.
   Another dream I had is from highschool and way playing an electric guitar.My guitar is bought from United States,I searched a lot on the internet for it and I finally found it.And when I saw it I burst into tears and I said:”This is the one.”Same thing happened when I told you about the pen and the picture.I started crying.This is the proof that it is a genuine dream,not an egotic one.
   “Do you need money to fulfill a dream?”I don’t know.Money are universal.They don’t belong to anybody.I don’t understand why people fight over them.I have all the things that I need and I didn’t pay for them.By the way,my brother bought me the guitar and I thank him for that.
   I think I have a big problem.I think I got addicted to cigaretts,now,after 6 years.I would smoke over and over again.I don’t know why.Do you think is part of my dream too?I told you that when I was a kid I wanted to smoke.But if I become a real smoker,who smokes 2 packs a day,wouldn’t that be bad for my health.Would I get lung cancer?I have some breathing problems.I think is an unhealed bronchitis.I get tired rapidly if I make big efforts.So.If I would start smoking wouldn’t that just kill me rapidly?I don’t know.We can find out lol.I know a person who is always with a cigarette in his mout.Slash from Guns’n Roses.And he is still alive.How does he do that?Lol.I searched for a recent concert with Slash on Youtube and he didn’t have a cigarette in his mouth.Maybe he quitted.Omg.This is news.Slash quited smoking in 2009 because his mother died of lung cancer.Bummer.So question now:”Do I want to get lung cancer?”Because cigarettes are now calling for me.Hmm.I could do that.It’s a life experience.”What?This guy is nutts!He want lung cancer?What person on Earth would want that?”I would.I’ve heard of saints that prayed to God so that He give them cancer.Another orthodox master monk from Romania asked for that.His name was Cleopa.Ramana Maharishi had cancer,and he was a master.I’m really curious if you would continue reading this book after what I just said.Fuck M-Audio.Fuck the drivers.I installed the newest ones and they don’t work properly.The sound turned unclear.
    What do you think I did?I just got read of one unuseful thing from my life.The M-Audio soundcard.I’ve unplugged it from my computer.The system swiched to by onboard soundcard that my laptop has and I feel relieved.I had to make some adjustments though.Now I don’t write from my bed,because I don’t have a cable long enough.So,I’m standing in a chair,an uncomfortable one,my back is hurting and is ok,it will adjust.My laptop is on my electronic keyboard and I write again.By the way,I think I came on this Earth to die of lung cancer lol.And I don’t feel afraid.It reminds me of the line:”I’m going to die.”from the movie “The Fountain”.Everybody dies at one time.I know how I will die.Isn’t that exciting?Nobody else does.But I don’t know when it will happen.”Depends on how much you smoke from no one”you’ll say.Crazy,isn’t it?I have now an urge to smoke,to reach my goal,my dream lol.Can this be true?To wish you die?Lol.I’m sick.I’m really sick.Would you still listen to a sick person?Lol.You’ll say I’m playing with you.Further more.You’ll say I make fun of you.Would that be wrong?
   What kind of person plays with his life?Am I suicidal?You’ll say:”Put a bullet to your head and spare us.”I don’t have a gun.And why would I do that.I want to die of lung cancer.”This guy is getting crazier and crazier.”Do you remember what the Oracle told Neo:”You are in control of your own destiny,remember?”And she pointed above him where was written:”Temet nosce”(Know thyself).The Oracle is smoking.She is the only one that smokes in the entire movie.What does that mean?
   So I’m in control of my own destiny.If I choose to die of lung cancer then I choose to die of lung cancer.I know is a tough choice.But you know what?I told you about my grandfather.He died at 82.Not from lung cancer.It is true that he quited smoking.My grandmother asured that.But...What I am trying to say here?Do what you want.Who knows.Maybe if he didn’t quited smoking he would live longer.Is that posible?Maybe it is.Maybe it is.Do we know anything about how should we live our life?We don’t.So why do we try to control everything and from fear not doing what we want to do?Ask yourself this everytime.Everytime.Who stop us?What stop us?Who limits us?What limits us?Because how I spoked earlier,everything in this Universe is Energy,it is made of energy.When we fight something,when we opose something,we block that energy from getting further.This means we are stucked.And this is the state of human kind.It’s stucked.It is unprisoned.Unprisoned by their thoughts.Their limitative thoughts.


if you say “a”
then you say “a”
if you say “b”
then you say “bee”
if you say “c”
then you say “sea”
if you say “z”
then you’ll regret

   Why you’ll regret?Because it ends there.There are no more letters in the alphabet left.And you think that it is over.But it’s not.You can start all over again and say “a”.Lol.It’s a circle.It’s a flow.So what I’m trying to say is that there is no end.


   Nothing ends.Nothing even begins.Did you know that?
   Life doesn’t ends.You connect this with something tragic.You see people die and you say:this is tragic.Why is tragic?I don’t cry at funerals.Actual i think funerals are funny.Did you know that in some cultures people rejoice when somebody dies.Dacians were like that.And they always died laughing.Ask yourself why?Because if you find the answer to this,all the puzzle is solved.You will no longer be unhappy anymore.You will rejoice all the time,every moment.
   My stomach is calling.It’s 16:01.I haven’t eat in 5 hour.It’s ok for a human being.Not to forget that we are eating cigarettes too.”Gaseous food”,how one of my friends used to say.
   I’m bored.I should be doing something else.I burped.I like to burp.Also I like to flatulate.Lol.It’s funny.It makes you laugh.
   I just masturbated and I’m here to tell you about my experience.I will not try to speak instead of you.If you just want to get out of here then get out.Nobody stops you.I will tell you about masturbation,because I’m a master in this field.I do it from 13.What is strange,or more exactly funny,is that everybody on this planet is doing it but nobody speaks about it,if somehow this thing is shameful.Well it’s not.Recently I went to Yoga courses and people from there are very opened to this subject.Other funny thing is that even I know advanced techniques of transmuting energy,and not ejaculating,I still do it.I know that I will feel weak because that is what will happen later.But I still do it.A doctor,a psychiatric one told me that I am a sadomasochist.So what?I like it.It makes me happy.Smoking makes me happy.So?Do you want me to tell you how do I masturbate?Because I’m not doing in the classic way,with the hand(sometimes I do that too).I just rub myself to the bed.This is how I first discovered masturbation.And It’s efficient.You have orgasm.It works.The only problem you have is with the spilling.You have to put something so you don’t mess up the bed lol.
   So are you still here.Do you want me to go further?
   I’m also a master in sex.Even if I have early ejaculation,I don’t know the exact term.Me a girlfriend I had did it many many times.And it was great.We found a special position.And in that position we didn’t move too much.Mainly we stayed and you know what?I had orgasm all the time.She had like in 80% of the cases.Sometime she had multiple orgasms.I will not say more.Sex is practice.You learn sex by doing it.The most important thing is to do it with somebody you love.It will be a total different thing because,how telosiens told us(from the book “Telos”),if you make it with somebody you know,you will make it with 3 chackas,1,2,and 4.4 is heart chackra,the one responsible for love.And I close the subject.
   So.I’m a totally opened person.Nothing to hide.Nothing to lose.That’s my secret in life.
   Should I tell you more about breathing and how important it is?Because in this critical moments,when you run out of energy and you need to move forward,in these moments you can realize its importance.
   Angela is not writing me and I don’t know if they shipped the guitar or not.Hmm.I should wait.I should be patience.Patience is the key to everything.Don’t let yourself attached of anything in life because in that case either you don’t let that thing happen,either you lose it.So don’t lose it,loose it,lose it,go crazy,Eminem.I think I lose it too.It’s from cigarettes?It’s from masturbating?It’s from goa trance I am listening?I don’t know.Who cares I feel great.This music is awesome.Party,people!It’s party time.Hmm.I have some powder tea that my ayurvedic friend Miki gave me.One is for transmuting sexual energy.The other says:antistress,relax.I think I will take them both.You put them under the tongue and hold them for like 15 min.And you get stoned.With tea lol!
   I took a larger dose than usual.Let’s see what will happen.We need energy.Energy from plants.Energy from nature.
   Yes.It tooked me some time to eat all that tea.It was bitter.But you know what my ayurvedic friend told me?Bitter is the flavor of the truth.Then I said in my mind:”This means I’m smoking the truth.”Tobacco is bitter.They don’t like tobacco,they from Ayurveda and Yoga.They say that tobacco and coffey is evil.I don’t drink coffey.It makes my blood preasure too high and my heart hurt.So I don’t drink it.This doesn’t means it’s not good for you.My mom drinks a lot of coffey.She is low on blood preasure.
   So this is how things are.You have to find through experience what is and what is not good for you.Nobody on this Earth can tell you that.Doctors can’t tell you.Teachers can’t tell you.Priests can’t tell you.Parents can’t tell you.Tv can’t tell you.Internet can’t tell you.Actually kids sometime can.You should be listening to your children.They have intuition.Some of them see auras and angels.Some of them talk to angels and other beings of Light.Very special kids come now on Earth.And when we see something different at them,that they don’t talk or they don’t eat we go with them to the doctor.And the doctor prescribe them Ritalin and we make a vegetable out of them.And all of this because we don’t have the capacity to understand,to understand new things.We want things to remain the way they are,so we can predict,control.But things change.They always change.Everything in this Universe changes.So why we want to stay back.Why we don’t go with the flow?Are we affraid?Affraid of what?Dieing?Dieing is natural.Everything dies at a time.Even the Sun will die.This planet will die.But when a star dies she give birth to new elements like Gold or Silver.Did you know that the gold from your necklace is from a dead star?Hmm?Everything on this Earth,every atom,is from dead stars.So how do you feel by being made of corpses?Yes.It’s the truth.So if you think that by dying you will get birth to new things,it would be enough for you not to feel fear anymore?Because there we have to reach,the point from were there is no fear anymore.
   How much you love your body?Why you won’t let it go?Why is so precios to you?It gives you identity?”This is who I am.”That’s what you say in front of the mirror.And yes,I agree with you.This is how you look here on this planet,Earth.But would you want to know how you looked when you were on other planets?These things can be accesed.I told you that I come from the Sun.And before that I was on another star.And on that star I splited in many parts and I have been on so may planets that I don’t even remember.Or.Do you think that the one I am on the Sun is the same that is now on Earth,or I’m only a fraction?I’m a fraction of the spirit called Endasai.This is called Higher Self.Do you know that many of you are fractions of who you call Jesus Christ?Do you?Actually Jesus Christ was a fraction of Lord Sananda,who is the manager of the Sun.But we speak in limitative terms.I am Endasai.You are Lord Sananda,or Christ.You are.In fact I am Christ too.Because now I live on the Sun.So everything is a point of view.The important thing is not to get lost in so many details.They are not important.They are important only for your mind,so she can have a sense of safety.But heart for instance,she doesn’t give a shit.She feels and for her is enough.So it is important for you to put the pieces togeter.See where it goes.To find balance between how much information you carry and how much you feel.So mind and heart must be in balance.
   Did I tell you that I am intergalactic journalist?And my asignament is to be here and observe the big thing that will happen here on Earth,something that was never tried,something that goes deeper that anyone can imagine.It is and experiment wich consist in raising matter vibration to the point that it transcends and turn to pure light.But the main fact is that that vibration can be lowered again.So.People will ascend to the 4th and the 5th dimention but after that they will have the ability,at anytime,to lower their frequencies and go to the 3rd dimention anytime they want.Telosiens and Atlants are in the 5th dimension,they are here on Earth with us but they can’t interract with us.Telosiens said that it would be too painful for them to lower their vibrations so they could interract with us.But I tell you this.After we go through the process we,human kind,we will be unique.We will be able to travel on any planet in this Galaxy that have 3 to 5 dimensions.I know what you’ll say.What’s the point in going back? We were in the 3rd dimension.We are better in the 5th.What could we do back in the 3rd?A lot of things.A lot.
   I will put you a question.Do you like this planet?The way that is?Think about this.You are in the 5th dimention and you want to feel the water in your hand.You can’t.Angels are in higher dimensions.They can’t interract with our world.But they would if they could.So you see the importance of what I talked about?
   I took a break.It’s now 18:51.And now I have to go to the bathroom and take a shit.And the bathroom is ocupied so I have to hold.I eat earlier.And I’ve smoked a half  a cigarette.And I feel a little weak but I will manage.
   I want to tell you something.Many of you will need adjustments because some of you came from other parts of the Galaxy.I will continue later.I will lie down for a while to rest.
I’ve shitted first wich I also like.Don’t laugh.Enjoy this things because they are limited.In the 5th dimension you will not shit anymore and maybe you will miss it lol.So enjoy it while you can.
   It’s 19:38 now.I feel good.I bet you envy me.I have no stress.No obligations.No rules.No nothing.
   So i will not bother you with cigarettes anymore.But they make me feel so good and I want to share that experience with you.So is about sharing.How much of you do you share in your life?Because sharing is important.Did you know that?Did you know that you receive as much as you give and more.So how good do you want to feel?
   For instance.You go to work.Are you happy there?And if you are not then how you know why?Are you afraid to share?Why?Do you think that you will not get back?If someone asks you for money,what do you do?A colegue from work.He is in distress.He needs urgent money to pay his bill.Will you lend him the money?Or you will tell him that you need to pay bills too?Hmm?Do you think you own money?If you do that,then were are these money?Into the bank account,on your credit card.Is the credit card yours?Is the deposit at the bank yours?
If it is then go and take the money.Can you go inside the bank and take that money that are yours?They have the label with your name on it?Do they?Or they are in the pool of everybody else.If they are in the pool,how can you make the difference wich are yours and wich are the others?Good point.So who says they are yours?Who?The same is with cash money.
   So,if we think this way,can we say we own anything?Is your car yours?”I have a paper that says so,a contract.”So you have a paper wich says that the car belongs to you,is the property of you.If you lose this paper or somebody steal it from you,will you still be able to say that that car is yours?So it’s everything about papers.We have papers that say who we are,our identity.We have papers that prove that a property is ours.What would you do if you were to lose all the papers in a fire?They have backups somewhere in data banks.So you have a backup for identity or property.What would you do if Judgement day will come?What you would do if the backups were to be lost?Would you be lost?”You bet I will.”Good.It would be bad to be lost,to lose your identity and all the properties?”What do you want to prove?What’s your poit?”
   My point is that I told you that everything that has a beginning has an end.Sounds familiar?I will not say from were it is.The important thing is that you’ve been worn.Period.
   “Omg.The end is near.This is what you want to say.”
   What is an end?A new beginning.A star that dies gives birth to something else.In some cases,a black hole wich is super.Black holes are super cool.Every Galaxy has one in the center.Some of them have two.So.
   From the death of our humanity,a new humanity will be born.Have I make myself clear?So,in order to be born again,we need to die.This was the genuine message of Jesus Christ.How will happen that,how we die and then be born again,I will not tell because,honestly,I don’t know either...


sun is a burst of fire
he is a pyro maniac
he eats fire
and then spits it up
in form of light
this way
he assure
that every planet of his system

   So Sun is a destroyer,a gentle one.He will incinerate everything in this system.He will send at a certain time a wave of heat like never before.And with that heat,he will erase,he will burn any garbage left in this system.It will be a total cleanup.So.Do you think you will survive?Are you a garbage,waste for the Universe?And believe me,bunkers won’t save you.You’ll still be fried like a potato in the oven.So what will you do?Do you think you can hide somewhere?You will start to party till the end will come and don’t care?Or you will start to work with yourself,make preparation for the coming of the Messiah?Cose he will deffinetly come.The Bible predicted it.And from what I know the predictions come true.At one time I was fascinated by the Bible.And I found some good answers there.I will put some quotes from Bible...
   Daniel 12:
2 And many of them that sleep in the dust of the earth shall awake, some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting contempt.

3 And they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament; and they that turn many to righteousness as the stars for ever and ever.
7 And I heard the man clothed in linen, which was upon the waters of the river, when he held up his right hand and his left hand unto heaven, and sware by him that liveth for ever that it shall be for a time, times, and an half; and when he shall have accomplished to scatter the power of the holy people, all these things shall be finished.

8 And I heard, but I understood not: then said I, O my Lord, what shall be the end of these things?

9 And he said, Go thy way, Daniel: for the words are closed up and sealed till the time of the end.

10 Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand.

11 And from the time that the daily sacrifice shall be taken away, and the abomination that maketh desolate set up, there shall be a thousand two hundred and ninety days.

12 Blessed is he that waiteth, and cometh to the thousand three hundred and five and thirty days.

13 But go thou thy way till the end be: for thou shalt rest, and stand in thy lot at the end of the days.

   And I will not comment.If you want more,you can find on the internet.
   So how serious are things?Many will say:”We heard of that before and nothing happened.”I know,but this doesn’t mean that you have to be ignorant.Because ignorance is one of the biggest enemy of mankind...
   “So we have another prophet,another preacher who speaks and worn us about end times.As you don’t have enough of them in churches.I’m very dissapointed.And me who I thought I would find something else.I’ve read so much for nothing.So much to hear again the words “repent” and “sin” and “salvation” and “everlasting life” and other stupid things in wich I don’t believe.Better get back to my life.Screw you.”
   It’s a point of view.5th dimention is not for everybody.
   “Now he calls “The Kingdon of Heaven”“the 5th dimension”,so to be original.”
   Yes.Is one and the same.Read “Telos” and you will understand.Maybe.
   Many things changed since Jesus Christ walked on this Earth.We have science now.And science can prove that I am right.How?Why do you think all the powerful men on this Earth have a bunker?Because science knows that something will happen.But they won’t tell us.Because there are not enough bunkers and they want to survive.So?
   Will you join me?Because I will survive.I will deffinetly survive.I know it to the bones.Like Neo.And I don’t need a bunker.By then my vibration will be high enough to survive the wave.And what did I tell you about Mother Earth?She will protect us.She will take care of us.We are her children,so precious to her.She loves us,unconditionally,outrageosly,how Norma said,a master teacher in breathing.
   Do you know that through smoking I prepare for that day.Because there will be dark times.I don’t know how the atmosphere will be,because everything will be gone.Nothing will remain.Everything will be transformed.That’s why we didnt find life on the other planets of our solar system.Because all of them ascended in the 5th dimension.They don’t have a 3rd dimension anymore.So everybody in this solar system waits for us.We are the lazy ones.When our planet will ascend,something big will happen in all the solar system.I don’t know what.And even if I know I won’t tell.It’s too much for you anyway.
   So,the important thing after all this is to be kind,kind with one another,because this is how it should be.You are all brothers,you know.So why fight eachother?For the toys?Do you still want to be spoiled?Because nothing good comes from this.You will suffer.If you are selfish,you suffer.So share.Be selfish in another way.The Osho way.Give everything to yourself.And in this way you will give to the others.Love yourself and you will love others.This was told by Jesus.It was like these.”Love others as you love thyself.”But if you don’t love yourself,you can’t love others.Everything comes from you,from inside you.If you radiate love from your heart chackra,first,that love,comes through you,and expands to the others.This is how love functions.But your love from where comes?From above and below,through the pranic tube.How do you love?By breathing.You make a circuit.You are just a channel.You channel love,energy.
   So,time for a little break,you know for what.
   I’ve made a pee.I drank water.And smoked.I tell this for you to know that I’m a normal human being,like Jesus was,and is.
   I love Norma.She said:”I have no rules about breathing.”So breathe as you like.Just breathe...
   The problem when breathing comes when you have energetic blockages.And those come from traumas.Especially from chilhood.I had a lot.Only recently I got rid of those.I had to work very hard to release myself from them,and the ones from past life.I found different techniques and tools that helped me.So I don’t know what does work for you.I mean,here,in this field,you are on your own.But if you want that,to clense yourself you’ll see that you will get help.You will always find the people you need.So stay strong.Help is on the way from all directions.
   So I think,slowly,we come to an end.But first some poems.


my mind is clear
when I know what I really want
and that thing
just happens


duality is a double word
it means that you are trapped
inside your own mind


past and future go together like twins


your altered reality
when you forget
that there is just one


a tall buiding is tall from above

common sense

when you come to your senses
your senses come to you


you embark a train
that is not yours
it takes you where it wants
so don’t embark
instead just bark
bark at the stars


choice is irelevant
who don’t want choices?
you want truth
and truth comes with reality
that surounds you
every step of the way

   So this is it.The end.So.Are you a master?We shall wait and see...


   Yes.It’s midnight.And I’m awake.Ready to tell you important things.Such as that I like to fart.Do you like farting?Angela is an expert in that field.My brother too.I’m just a novice.But I can improve.Why I said this to you?Because you need to laugh.Tell me when was last time when you had a good laugh?Why people don’t laugh often?And why they need a reason to do that?At parties for instance.When they entertain themselves.Or watching bad comedies like they are making now.Only sick pervert things there.I think the best comedy I’ve seen lately was with Rowan Atkinson.”Johnny English” and “Johnny English Reborned” are good.I think that Oliver and Hardy are better than any comediants we have these days.Somebody said that a comediant is better than any doctor.From what I’ve know,Japanese people make therapy through laugh.I told you that this is how Angela cured me of depression.She used to tickle me.Laugh helps you release tenssions in your body.Laugh make all your chackras spin.Smile is good too.So be happy no matter what.I know it’s not so easy.Sometimes I was very angry at Angela because she forced me to be happy sometime.Sometime you just need time to heal.And this doesn’t work.So she understood.I told her:”Let me be sad if I want to be sad.”Sadness is a feeling too.You can learn a lot from sadness.But I will repeat myself.Don’t stay too long there or you could get stuck there like forever.This reminds me of a movie with Robin Williams,geat actor by the way.
   So,also make exercises,gimnastics,jump up and down.Jumping helps.I have a cord I want to jump,not a bungee jumping cord(I wanna do that too),one of that that boxers use to jump as training,like Rocky Balboa.I have very little space here at my home for jumping.
   There is also a technique used in the warming in Yoga.Very good for releasing negative energies.I don’t know how to explain it in English.I’m not so skilled with this language.I’m still learning it.If you’d know how many times I went to the dictionary for word spelling.So I will make a try.You spread your leggs sitting up.You take sitting position,like sitting on the toilet.This is what I told my brother when I first saw him doing that.I’ve asked him:”What do you do?Shitting?”and he smiled.Your palms are put on the leggs near the belly.And you inhale profoundly through your nose while springing yourself a little up and dawn.Then you sit up from the toilet,you leave your leggs spread and you bend,with your head down to the floor while exhaling with a sound.Wow.I think I did pretty good.I know English lol.
   Good.So you have some techniques to unclogue yourself.because you are clogued like the sink drain and the energy doesn’t circulate.It’s stagnant.What happens with a slop?It becomes dirty.So you need to circulate the energy through your body.Look who is talking.The one that is lazy.Me.
   Anyway,everything that happened to me from some time is a miracle.Did you know that computers used to drain me of all my energy.That for like 2 years now I avoid watching too long a computer monitor because it maked me almost faint?And now I’m at 01:47 at my computer having no problem at all.I couldn’t do that before.If I would then my next day would have been ruined.So I have energy.A lot of it.I slept like three hours and I awoke.Couldn’t sleep anymore.
   So you need to be clean of any unwanted objects in your body.Because now we will speak of something that could scare you.Even if you don’t have any reasons for that.Have you seen somebody being exorcised?Because that is kinda wrong.You see.You have to be prepared for that,to understand the process.Because if you get scared,the entity inside you will harm you,even damage you.Ok.First things first.What are devils,or negative entities?They are our friends.They are our brothers from lower dimenssions.So it’s no reason to be affraid of that.
At some point in the past Martians that camed on Atlantis had an experiment that failed.They opened a portal to a lower realm and our world was invaded by that spirits,souls.They intended to open a higher dimension.Anyway.This is important.These creatures were brought here without their conscent.And they were affraid,scared,they got pissed of and so on.So in order to survive in our world they started to atach to the bodies of the people on this world.Not the physical bodies,the energetic ones.So we need to get back them to their dimension.”And how I’m suposed to do that?”You invoke Archangel Michael.He will take them by their hand and return them from were they belong.But this is after they exited your body.”Omg!”So.At some point,when your energy is high,when your vibration is higher,they will not stand.And they will exit through your mouth,making strange noises.So don’t get scared.Some of them are tough and stubborn and will not want to go easily.So with these ones you need to be patient.You have to let them do their thing.They will shake you.They will throw your hands and your legs,maybe try to harm you physicaly this way.But all you have to do is be a spectator of the show,just watch.At one time it will be hard for you to breathe,but breathe anyway,the most important for you is to breathe.They will exit one by one.And when you will be done with them you will be happy,free like myself.I don’t tell you how many of these I had because you will get scared.I’m a big spirit.So the bigger you are the more you have.Is like flees.If the animal is bigger the more they are.
I know it sounds unbelivable but I’ve exorcised myself many many many times.And now I’m fine.I’m with the flow.No more corks in the tubes.No more stones in the kidneys.All runs smooth like the clock.
   The only problem I had was that sometime people could hear me.I remember my first exorcisation.This was actually done by a priest,a good one,an orthodox monk.I consider him a master too.Was very special to me.And still is.His name is Metodie.So went once to him for confession.And at one time I started making strange noises,almost fainted.One of the nones there got scared.Second time happened to me at a sermon of this monk took.And there were a lot of people there.And I had to go to the bathroom.And I went there and got some of them out.They were keep exiting.I was like vomiting.And vomiting is.Energetic one.Yes.I’m an expert on this field.Cigarettes helped me alot with this.Because for me they raise my frequency,my vibration a lot.I don’t understant why spiritual teachers say that cigarettes lower your vibration.For me is the oposite lol.
   So I’m preparing you for what will happen.So you would understand the process and not get scared.
   The most important thing for you is to have healthy feelings.And remove all traumas from past.Traumas are blocked feelings.For instance.When I was a kid I was slapped on the face four times.Exactly four times.Once by my father when he was drunk and agressed my mother.I was 2 or 3 years old by then and I stood to defend her.And I was slapped.Once by my mother later when I was in preschool.I went to this contest called “Golden toothbrush”.I was very well prepared but when I got there,with the other kids,on the stage,lots of parents watching,I blocked.All the kids were raising hands,answer to the questions.I was not.Even if I knew all the answers.I got diploma anyway.But my kindergarden teacher told my mother what I did.And when I was at home she got angy at me and what she did?She slapped me.Third time at school.First grades.We were repeating for the show at the end of year where parents are invited to see their kids.So we were repeating and at one time the teacher said:”Who is singing false?You Claudiu?"Slam!Ok but what does this things to kids?What do you think they do?They close in themself.Block their feelings.Because they can’t get angry and defend themseves.Because they are small and they will be punished.So?You see how traumas are born?And the majority of people leave with these traumas all life.And they don’t know why they are unhapy.Things happen in their life.They watch a movie.They see somebody got slapped there and they react being unhappy.And they don’t understand why.And if they don’t somehow realease this tension,this blockage they have,they will get sick,maybe die.And if the sickness doesn’t cure that blockage and they die,they will carry that blockage to the next life,next incarnation.And in that life will be much harder to remove.Because you don’t understand.You don’t understand why.This is why I’ve made some regressions in my past(not actually mine;I told you the story).And I had to see some scenes from previous reincarnations so i could connect them to the ones that are happening to me right now.It’s very important to understand why.Because in that moment you are released.I told you.Everything that happens in this Universe is for a reason.So things that happen in your dayly life are for a reason.They are not random stuff.So watch what you feel all the time.See how you react in different situations.See who reacts.Where is that?Where did that come from?Why did I get angry?And so on.
   Good.02:56.A little break.
   Some of the energies will exit throught your head,your crown chackra.These ones are transmuted to Light.So you see what we are doing is important.With every energy,negative one we release we actually get closer to Ascenssion.Ascenssion is made through us.So we have to work,work hard with us,ourselves.Nobody will “forgive our sins”.We have to do that.No one will “save” us.We will.There are no saviors.None that I know of.Jesus was not a “savior”.Lazy people seak for saviors.Nobody can evolve for you.You have to do that on your own.Everyone of us has his job.And if we all do our job,because this is our job,our work,we will ascend.Have I made myself clear?I’m not here to wipe your ass.You have to do that.You are big enough now.Nobody will tie your shoes.You have to do that.When I was a little I used to do that on my own.And I figure it out by myself.Nobody showed me how to tie shoes.I watched others and learned.So you have a big advantage here.You have people who can help you,who can show you.I didn’t.My parents didn’t teach me much.They were simple people.They were peasants that came to the city.They didn’t knew much.But this wasn’t a problem for me.I always managed.When I was asked once what was the number of the appartment I live in I didn’t know.I was the only one in my class who didn’t know.This happened because nobody told me.I didn’t know even the meaning of the words “appartment number”.I said 2,the number of the floor we lived.The number was 35.But it was ok.It was just for the record.And nobody needed that information.
So you will manage how I did.Because you are helped every step of the way.Angels are everywhere but we don’t see them.
So have trust that everything will be fine.You will go through this.You will succed.It’s not a very pleasant process,because you will have to feel every feeling that you’ve blocked.So feel them.Cry.Cry as much as you need.I cried alot.Sometimes on the street when everybody could see me.But that is ok too.Don’t be ashamed of your feelings.Just go.Sometimes you will cough.I coughed alot and my parents always believed that I had a cold.Recently my mother asked me if I need cough sirup.I said I don’t.Is very hard for them to understand these things.But you can.You are from another generation.Your DNA is stronger.You are capable of understanding more.
   Sometime I watch people,especially my parents and I get a little sad.Because I know they can’t make the jump.They are not prepared for this.But this is ok too.At one time they will remain behind.And we will have to go forward.So no attachments.These are not energies for us.We have to have no ties if we want to move.We can’t carry them in our back.They slow us down.They have their pace.So leave them behind.It’s ok.They will be happy for us.They will rejoice.
   Time for poetry:


when our merkabbah fields will be activated
we will be abel to travel in space and time
see places we’ve never seen
go where no one has gone before

   Sounds familiar?


the trilogy of the stars
begins when
two of us
one for another
and watch
eachother’s back


illumination is a process
that is intended
for all mankind
mankind is one

trees of knoledge

in the middle of nowhere
there is a pine
a majestuos one
and this tree
stands for
every tree
that was cut down
for the purpose
of letting people know
that life
is precious
with no trees
there is no life
and this is what planet tells us
science won’t help us
so save the trees
till is not too late

   We need trees for Ascenssion.They are vital.We are one with every being on this planet.If we hurt trees,we hurt ourselves.If we kill trees,we kill ourselves.So be kind to trees.Don’t be a bastard like that one from “Avatar”.”It’s just a fucking tree!”
“IT’S JUST A FUCKING TREE!”(I’m exagerating,he said god damned tree;)We’ll it’s not.You are a fucking idiot,and a moron too.Be kind to animals.Be kind to rocks.All have a soul.And all are beautiful and precious to us.They all give us so much joy.So much joy.So fight for life.Fight for nature.We need it.We need it.
   I don’t know if I have anything more to say.I will just go to sleep.It’s 03:54 in the morning.


  You see how perseverent I am?Only 3 hour of rest and I’m back on business.You’ll say:”What’s the rush?”
   We need to rush things a little bit.We are a little late on the schedual.I mean planetary speaking.Time is ticking away.Do you know the title of this song from C-Block?I give you another one:”It’s a rainy day”by Ice Mc.Music from the 90‘s.Inspireing music.Not all that garbage crap we listen all day from radio stations and tv.So.I am doing again the thing.I’m drinking tea and typing at the same time.Made a very strong black tea.Double the dose.With honey.Always with honey.What do you like in the morning?What puts you in motion.Because when I woke up,my neurons cried out.So I woke up with a headeache.I’m not used to stay in the night.But the discomfort is gone.I’m feeling fine now.I will smoke a little pretty soon.But in rest I’m fine.I’m fine.You are fine too you know.
   So I woke with some things inside my head and now is the time to put them down.This book is for mankind.But is dedicated especially for the American people,preciselly for those living in the United States.How so?You see we are part of the same being.The new race that will populate this planet is us.Us as a conciousness.A conciousness is divided into pieces,like brain has neurons.Scietific experiments said that if you put togheter several billion of neurons together,a conciousness will be born.So if everyone of us is a neuron,and we stay together...I don’t know how to put it into words,but I think you understood what I’m trying to say.If we will start sharing one another,because this is how neurons work,they share.If we start doing this then a new conciousness will be born.And that conciousness will be no other than baby Jesus.So.For two thousand of years we were repeating ourself over and over this,so that in this moment to realise it.So we are cells of the same body.The only thing to do now is be aware of them and function the propper way.Do you know that in this moment the majority of the people of this planet function as a cancer cell?Do you know that in this moment human kind is a tumor,a big one for this planet?And the tumor is getting bigger and bigger.I don’t know how much this planet can take.She could just die.Did you know that our planet,the one we live on,it’s alive?Is breathing,has a heart and so one.I think at Geography we’ve learned that the forests are the lungs of the planet.And so it is.Do you know what oil is?So the planet breathe through trees.Trees are cells for her lungs.If you kill trees you destroy her lungs.And what will happen?She will suffocate.I ask again.Do you know what oil is?If you don’t know I tell you.Oil is planet’s blood.And we burn it.Can you function without blood?Now the planet runs on her limfatic system because she doesn’t have blood anymore.And her functions are rerouted.Do you kow how hard it is for her to function this way.Water is her limfatic system.Lucky for her she has enough.But this water is poluted over and over.Toxic dumps are deversed,toxins from chemical plants.So.How long will you function as a cancerous cell?Because now you know.You can’t be ignorant anymore.Now you have to act.You can continue what you are doing until the tumor will be extirped,or you will change,you will change the way you are and start healing this planet.Because you can.We can.We are all healers.We can heal through love.
   Time for a cigarette.
   So this book has all the tools you need to be a light bearer,as Bjork said in one song.Tools are everywhere.You just have to start.Have the guts.


my poetry is your poetry
we are all into the same circle
we are all singing the same song
we are all doing the same dance
only our role differs
like in a cabare dance
we all have his own instrument
like in an orchestra
we just have to sync
so we can play the same symphony
the symphony
of love
and compassion
and peace
and so help us God
because He is helping us
through us
we are just tools is His hand
so act like a tool
let Him do the work
because He knows best
and who is He
Love Itself
through us

   I think I’m done here.See you on the field at work.Ta da.

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